18 December 2014


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B2B Marketing – the case of the Russian mobile operator. “Beeline” shares stories of startupers.




Good day!

“Beeline” mobile operator launched a special project called “Plan-B” on RBC.ru site to attract corporate clients. RBC is one of the biggest Russian news sites focused on businessmen and corporate elite.

On the subsite there are videos of Russian and foreign business-gooroo in which they are telling stories about their own business, as well as they are getting the audience acquainted with innovative business models and effective solutions. Duration of the Project is three month. 4-6 new video clips appear each week.

Theme and personalities are focused on young business people, managers of small and medium business, people working in IT-field and internet business. Among the speakers there are creators, directors and managers of the largest IT and Internet Companies of Russia and the World.

Each page of the special project is branded. From the right side of the video clip there is a menu offering you to get acquainted with “Beeline” services for business or get consulted on the phone or online.

The Director of marketing communication who is managing “Vimpeltelekom”, a brand of “Beeline” OJSC, Julia Koneva says: “There are many small companies among our Сlients and we would like to provide them with telecommunication services of high quality that will help them in work, as well as inspire them on their way into big business. Our joint project with RBC "Plan B" tells about the experience of the most successful businessmen from around the world that are the examples of non-standard thinking and personification of success. We want their stories to help today’s newbie entrepreneurs to go beyond the limits of usual business models and become a basis of the global business community.”

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