15 September 2015


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Korean Advertising Campaign Presenting Russia As A Tourist Destination




Advertising campaign promoting Russia as a tourist destination was held in South Korea this summer.

A series of commercials of an advertising campaign called "Club of travelers. Russia" was broadcast on the Korean TV stations MBC, KBS, SBS, Channel A, JTBC, TV Chosun within four months, from 19 May to early September.

The advertising campaign was organized by Korean Air - the largest air carrier in South Korea. It was conducted on television, radio and the Internet, using outdoor advertising, advertising in theaters and on public transport.

The theme of the campaign is the story of four friends travelling around Russia. In 2008 and 2013, Seo Yang-soo, Jeong Jun-oh, Choi Jin-taek and Seol Young-hyeong made several trips to Russia resulting in the writing popular in South Korea book – “Russia Travellers' Club”.

As the representative of Korean Air noted, advertising shootings were spontaneous, without any definite plan. In 14 commercials there were shown Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk and Vladivostok, as well as views of Lake Baikal and trip along Trans-Siberian way.

The special website russia.koreanair.com was prepared especially for the launch of the campaign. There Korean travelers can learn more about the features and culture of Russia. You can also find all commercials of the campaign "Club of travelers. Russia"on this site. According to a company press release, the project became one of the biggest investments of Korean Air in promotion of the tourist destination over the past few years.

As reported by Russian Federal State Statistics Service, published on the portal of the Federal Tourism Agency of Russia, the number of citizens of the Republic of Korea, visited Russia for tourism purposes increased by 27.3% and amounted to 44 720 people in the first half of 2015. In just the past six months, Russia was visited by more than 61 700 citizens of South Korea.


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