Transit Advertising Agency, Ad on Public Transport in Russia

Mass Transit Advertising in Russian cities: Trolleys, Buses, Subway in Russia


RMAA Group performs services ofthe transit advertising in Russia. Mass transit advertising in Russia offers great opportunities for the implementation of imagination and creativity as well as raising awareness of your company or product. Mass transit advertising in Russian cities can be located on public transportation and on private cars. Depending on the type of the advertised product, the objectives of advertising, and budget and personal preferences of the advertiser. Every day each of us sometimes not consciously stops and gazes at passing cars, buses, trolley cars, trams or subway cars. When we are at a traffic light or in heavy traffic or when we cross the street or when we are waiting at the bus stop or when we look out the window of the bus, the brightest and most interesting mass transit advertisements certainly will attract our attention.Many foreign companies believe that the Russian consumer is no different from the Asian and European consumers. However, they do not only have differences, but a fundamentally different mentality, mindset and lifestyle. The process of making purchasing decisions by consumers in Russia differs from the decision-making process of Chinese, Korean, Japanese and European consumer. Our specialists provide a full range of services for mass transit advertising in Russia. Contact us here. White Papers: How does the media-buying market in Russia work? A media buyers’ quick guide for effective work in Russia