Business data management in Russia

Data Hygiene & Cleansing in Russia

RMAA Group performs data bases hygiene, actualization and expanding services for any business in Russia. Good customer database has properties such as completeness, relevance and order. But any data base is getting old in time. Factories can have new owners and different directors; addresses and telephone numbers are being changed and sometimes the changes happen with the profiles company and its priorities in business. In the case of b2c, changing of the bases happens much more dynamic: people are changing their surnames, addresses, cars, habits and live priorities more often than companies.

Moreover, it is not possible to consider the data base to be fulfilled: it always has to be expanded.Therefore, data base requires constant maintaining, updating and control over the quality of the content. Unfortunately, purchased data base does not often contain full information about the subject, and some data’s are not relevant.In that case, you have to work hard to restore the fulfillment and actuality of the data base. That is a quite time-consuming process. It requires searching for the information in open and closed sources, making a lot of phone calls and tediously upgrading the changes into the data base. When the data base is actualized and ready to work, it is important to continue upgrading and expanding its content – that will make your promoting by CRM methods most effective.

RMAA Group specialists are ready to assist in verification of the database relevance, addition the missing information as well as data standardization.Contact us here.

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