Data Sourcing in Russia

Data Sourcing in the Russian Market

RMAA Group performs services of creating and purchasing client’s data bases for any business in Russia. CRM-marketing is not possible without a good customer database containing the information necessary for your purposes. All databases can be roughly divided into b2b and b2c bases.

B2B databases contain information about the companies and enterprises that can become customers of your business. Some bases contain the information about persons who take purchasing decisions such as directors, heads and leading managers. Companies in data bases are usually filtered by geographic and industry sector. They are also ranged by the various of economic indicators like authorized capital,circulation, quantity of workers etc.

B2C databases are the bases of ultimate consumers that represent your target audience on any basis. People get the data base according to a wide set of parameters matching in age, gender, profession, family, possessing of pets or cars of special brand and etc. Often, the data base is fulfilled with people using some service or purchasing specific products.

Today in Russia a huge amount of a variety of databases, which can meet the needs of any business is available to purchase. Besides, it is always possible to create a new data base from clear list according to your requirements.If you want to succeed in the Russian market, the RMAA experts will select the data base that is tailored to your needs.

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