Telemarketing Services in Russia

Telemarketing Services & Lead Generation in Russia

RMAA Group performs telephone sales organizing and maintaining services. Besides, we are using the method of Telemarketing for reaching your goals. Telemarketing is a long-standing, recognized effective tool of promotion which continues to be relevant. Direct phone call allows to minimize the distance with the client, find out about his needs and make a unique offer. Attention to the needs of the client will not leave him indifferent.

Traditional telemarketing is an effective way for sales in the b2b segment, where you are able to bring your offer directly to the customers. Telemarketing in b2c segment also remains as a confident method for promoting with good result.At the same time, we should understand that today in Russia, many companies use telephone calls that has already made the customer less susceptible to one-size-fits-all proposals of telemarketers. Therefore it is highly important to choose the right speech script, which will attract your client and will not make him reject you. Therefore, today, it is important to select a call script that could catch the interest of your client. In addition to direct sales, telemarketing is widely used for invitation on the company's events, promoting special offers and updating the company's client database.

RMAA Group Experts will offer consultations on how to use telemarketing more effectively to reach your goals and will help you choose the best call script.

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