17 June 2015


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YouTube: Russian users like to watch mobile advertising





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How to lead users to watch your ad and to share it with friends? It's very simple! All you need to do is to show it to the people that watch videos on smartphones.

YouTube together with Ipsos MediaCT conducted a study, the results show that mobile audience in Russia 1.4 times rather watch ads on their mobile devices than on PC or TV. And almost in 2 times rather share it with friends.

Mobile video is growing steadily over the years, but now it's really close to justify all the buzz that was created all around it.

Medialets report for the third quarter of 2014 shows that the conversion of mobile advertising exceeds all expectations. According to the report, view-through conversion on smartphones is 58%, on tablets - 72%. In other words, direct clicks and taps are not a large part of conversion, but ad view and then time delayed actions (brand awareness plays important role in this matter).

Source: adindex.ru


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