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VK Ads: A Type Guide



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How do you choose an advertising type? There is a single answer—test it. Launch an ad of all possible types with a minimum budget and compare the results. This is the only way you will understand what ads will be effective on the Russian online market specifically for your offer.

Our blog is not only a tour on VK advertising types, but also an opportunity to reduce the number of tested types at the initial stage: for instance, a carousel type is unlikely to suit a business promoting study courses, while lead form ads and call-to-action buttons will be optimal for such promotion.

This is how a VK advertising account looks like. All available advertising formats are shown here.

Please note that, when creating a VK ad, you can lead visitors not only to your website or VK public page, but also to:

  • a public dialogue;
  • a public app;
  • an app;
  • a telephone number in international format.


A carousel is a suitable format to promote business in the Runet with a sales catalogue (clothes, shoes, and also pretty good for food delivery).

This advertising type lets you place several goods slides where you can add pictures, old and new prices (which is perfectly suitable for special offers), names of goods, and their brief description. The main text can be no longer than 220 characters. The carousel has room for 3 to 10 slides. The length of the slide’s title is up to 25 characters.

Besides, each slide can get its own button:

  • Shop
  • Select
  • Book
  • Order
  • Subscribe
  • Fill in
  • Register
  • Buy
  • Buy tickets
  • Start

Call-to-action button

This type works best when your audience is hot and you need to call it to action. What is more, not only the very button, but also the whole picture is clickable. The message length shall not exceed 220 characters, and that is why a call-to-action button is mostly suitable for promotion of specials and last minute deals among the audience that is already aware of the brand.

There are no size limits for a call-to-action button post—you can upload any.

Universal ad

This is a standard as that you can see in the news feed. Go there and look—this format is used everywhere. How does it differ? You can write a long text; a link to your product is right there in; there is a wide choice of picture sizes. You can also add up to 10 attachments such as polls, pictures, and video.

A universal ad allows massive storytelling, which works quite well in certain fields. Besides, you can describe all advantages in detail. This format is suitable in almost every field.

The maximum number of characters in a universal ad is 16,384 with punctuation marks and spaces.

Lead form ad

A relatively new format is a lead form. It allows getting leads for events, consultations, participation in specials. When making a form, you will need to refer to a public where the VKLeads app will be installed, as well as a reference to your privacy policy. If you do not have it, you can insert a link to a VK standard privacy policy in a respective section.

See the VK standard privacy policy at

The lead form is adapted for mobile devices and does not require manual data input for some fields. First, patronymic, and last names, city, age, telephone number, and e-mail are filled in automatically if this information is mentioned on a VK user page.

You can add up to 5 extra questions to the form (with or without multiple choices).

Lead form ads work well in the Russian Social Media for promotion of webinars and online courses.

Website ad

In spite of the policy of keeping users inside the social media, VKontakte still gave an opportunity to advertise websites properly.

Add a name, a logo, a description, and a big picture, insert a link and attract users to your website right from the news feed. The ad does not require being bound to a VK public, and a transition is made per click on any area on it.

Format peculiarities:

The picture size is 1,080x607 pixels. The name length is up to 25 symbols. The description length is up to 90 symbols. The text near the button is up to 25 symbols. It is possible to upload your logo.

Teasers (ads on website pages)

Teasers are ads on the left of the VK desktop version.


+ Teaser ads are cheaper than promo posts.

+ Only teasers can be targeted to personal pages.


- Teasers are only seen in the desktop version; consequently, the audience coverage here is much lower than other formats have.

- A limited text length cuts your message, and, as a result, you get less conscious clicks. Here comes the problem: many clicks, but low conversion.

- If a user has Adblock or other blocking extensions, he or she will not see your teasers even on a PC.

There are three types of teasers:

  • App.
  • Public.
  • External website.

Each type has its display options, so here are the main ones:

Picture and text

The picture size is 145x85 pixels. There are two text blocks: a title up to 33 characters and a description up to 70 characters.

Use a text on a picture if it covers less than 50% of the picture.

Promotion of public pages

The picture size is 145x145 pixels. The difference is that the title automatically inserts the name of your public that can only be shortened. Other settings are same.

Big picture

The picture size is 145x165 pixels with a title, but without a description block.

You also can use the text on the picture if it covers less than 50% of it.

Target audience setting

It is not enough just to create an ad—you need to target it to a certain audience.

VK settings let you do it maximally accurately. Note that, as of today’s VK data, in Russia its active audience is more than 58 million people.

Audience targeting on VK has much more opportunities than, for example, on Facebook. So, when choosing geo targeting in VK by venue, you can set a 500m range (unlikely, on Facebook the minimum range is 1km).

One more targeting advantage on VK is a possibility to adjust impressions or, on the contrary, to exclude members of certain public pages or those who installed a certain app from ad impressions.

After target audience settings are over, the only thing you need to do is to choose the impression timing and budget. The price can be stated both per 1,000 impressions and per clicks. VK offers a recommended price on the basis of individual ad settings. Meanwhile, as a matter of actual practice, if you correctly chose an advertising type and mentioned all settings, a cost-per-click can be much lower than the recommended price.

Rely on experts

As we told in the very beginning, different ad formats suite different niches. In order not to waste the budget all for nothing in the Russian online market, rely on an agency. Our experts with a large experience of maintenance of VK advertising campaigns will help you choose optimal ad formats and settings on the basis of your aims and promotion strategy.

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