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Corporate Russia Wants to Buy from You! How Can You Promote and Sell?



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In light of our activities, my colleagues and I work with many European, Asian, and American businesses that take interest in Russia. As we got to know, foreign companies are increasingly willing to achieve cooperation with large Russian companies. According to Euromonitor International, the Russian B2B market carries on growing show even in the conditions of never-ending corruption, relative weakness of the Russian currency, and internal economic hardships.

Meanwhile, a foreign company may want to find the answers to the following questions before an attempt to start business in Russia: How does it enter the “Russian Large Market”? How does it reach a big boss of a large corporation? How does it sell to another large company? Do personal connections and corrupt tenders really solve all business issues in Russia?

To begin with, it is important to remember that the core problem is not the promotion and sale itself, but the attraction of new leads.

B2B managers and specialists are aware of the fact that accomplishment of all stages in B2B sales may take more than several months or even a year. Nevertheless, a clear understanding of who your target audience is matters most. Who will be a decision maker when it comes to the purchase of your product? In order to get the satisfying answer to this question, you need to prepare a database of ‘right people’ beforehand, with whom you make initial contact as the first step towards the planned sale.

However, if this step is failed, the sales process in Russia will never start because there are no second chances to make a first impression. Thus, it is of key importance not only to find your future clients, but also to contact them in the right manner. Of course, e-mails and cold calls are not prohibited, but choosing these means (especially only these ones) is almost a 100 per cent chance to ruin the whole thing in the world where directors and heads of corporations daily receive tons of them, with Russia not being an exception, quite apart from the fact that a cold caller is in a weaker position a priori.

What will let you be on equal footing with your prospective partners and produce the best possible impression? One of the most efficient and attractive ways to have a cake and eat it is smart event marketing. You will be able to create a great atmosphere for introduction of your project, having organized a forum, a seminar, or a conference for professionals in the field that is your primary concern. Establish new connection, present your offer as a solution of the problem, and describe the idea as best as you can in order to make the road to the deal much shorter.

Are there any other ways that Russians will recognize as good to reach them? Feel free to learn more about B2B sales and marketing in Russia from our White Paper—click here or on the picture below: 'How to Sell to Russian Large Companies. Learn how to conquer this billion-dollar marketplace with surprising marketing strategies' .


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Vadim Tylik – Russian entrepreneur, Founder and President of the RMAA Group. Vadim helps foreign companies to develop and implement marketing strategies in Russia and CIS region, create performance based media campaigns in order to expand more effectively on the Russian market.

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