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Corporate Mass Media in Russia: Tutorial



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Are you looking for advertising your goods or services in certain region or for any-field-specialized people? Would you like to build partnership relations with any company? Trying to find your targeted public among thousands of some company's employees? In this case partnership with Corporate Mass Media in Russia - that's what you need. Read more about market position of Corporate Mass Media and its benefits in the RMAA Group's article.

Corporate Mass Media is quite steeped in history in Russia: in Soviet period factory newspapers became not only really popular but sometimes replaced urban daily newspapers. However Corporate Mass Media get appeared in the modern meaning only in 90-s in the beginning of capitalism and west corporations entry to Russia. Today Russian Corporate Mass Media is an important and very visible part of information field, they seek to have all major companies, and many of them have more than one Corporate Mass Media.

The definition of Corporate Mass Media is blurred for today. Narrowly it's mass media which are published by commercial enterprises, companies, firms, factories etc. Generally Corporate Mass Media is mass media which is produced by any organization, but not only commercial one, whose main activity is not mass communications. So, the editions, published by government and municipal authorities, educational and medical institutions, religious communities and organizations, can be named Corporate Mass Media.

By communication type Corporate Mass Media can be B2C, B2B and B2E. However B2C Corporate Mass Media doesn't spread a lot in Russia. For example, board magazines published by airports, air companies, RZD can be referred to B2C. But mainly organizations produce editions for B2B partners, investors, market majors and people interested in company, and B2E editions for establishment of communication with employees as well.

In 2016 Russian Association of Communication Directors and Corporate Publishing (AKMR) did Corporate Mass Media market research, where participants were managers of Communication and PR-services Department, Corporate Mass Media Departments of 72 Russian and overseas companies from 16 fields with overall count of employees about 2 million people. Spread scope of Corporate Mass Media in researched companies was very high: 93% used in researched companies. At the average 73,6% of companies in selection have even one printed corporate edition.

  • 47,2% use printed and digital editions,
  • 26,3% still produce only printed publications,
  • But one in five company works only in digital way of corporate communications.

According to research results, printed corporate editions are characterized by wide-spread and traditionally large public: 138 printed media in 61 companies (from researched companies) have total one-time circulation more than 2.3 million of number. More than half of companies has corporate magazines and newspapers' circulation from 1000 to 5000 copies.

  • 4 in 10 companies publishes one newspaper
  • A few of large holding groups produces 10-15 newspapers. In one-company-towns corporate publications act for urban daily media
  • Modern technology development level keeps having a strong effect on corporate newspapers as well. Almost 20% of companies publish and spread own newspapers and reports only through digital channels.

Corporate Mass Media: How to use?

Variety of possibilities to associate with corporate media is different from association with other Mass Media, commonly because of corporate media often doesn't go for advertisement. Even if it's advertisement, Corporate Mass Media acts responsibly choosing it, in the meaning of spread for specialized public: its employees, partners or clients. Besides Corporate media primarily has image function and goes for high quality and interesting advertisement.

Pros and cons of promotion in Corporate Mass Media are caused by its limited targeted public. That's why promo or partner's materials placement in Corporate Mass Media is justified in the following cases:

  • You are interested in promotion among some field specialized people
  • You are interested in some certain regions for ad placement: area, city or even district
  • Your goods and services can be interesting for some companies and its employees

To have own Corporate Media is often a decency for all biggish companies, firms, factories and other organizations today. Audience of the editions is always fine segmented, and companies go for making its Mass Media into publications, interesting for wide-spread scope of readers, that's why they are watching for quality of its content. Therefore to place advertisement in Corporate Media is a good decision if your targeted public matches edition's public. Specialists of RMAA Group will help you to make sense of Corporate Mass Media Market in Russia and to place advertisement in it.

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