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David Duchovny in a Sibirskaya Korona (Siberian Crown) beer ad



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Beer brand the Sibirskaya Korona (Siberian Crown) featured in viral advertising David Duchovny, the star of the hit shows “The X-Files” and “Californication”. The actor is popular in Russia, besides his ancestry came from Russia. During the shoot, Duchovny explores what his life would be like if his grandfather, a Russian Jew, had not emigrate to America and lists the reasons for pride in Russia. At the same time he fantasises about being the Russian stuff he is speaking about: an astronaut, a polar explorer, a geologist, an actor. Most of these reasons, alas, refer to the Soviet period: the conquest of space and the Arctic, Soviet ballet and Soviet cinema.

The entire ad is accompanied by some songs that have become visiting cards of the Russian rock, as well as a poem by Vladimir Orlov "The native" sounded in the film “Brother 2”.

The video is branded very delicately - only after 2.5 minutes, the viewer sees that this is a beer ad. The link to the video leads to the page "Pride of Russia" on Facebook, which, judging by the content, is addressed the fans of the football championship in Brazil. It is strange that the brand did not use the effect of the video for the further development of the page. The video is its latest update.

The viral effect of the video is huge. Many Russian Internet resources wrote about the video. During the first weekend after its downloading to YouTube only on the official channel of the brand the video gained over 2 million views, currently it has more than 8 million views.

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