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RMAA Group`s White Paper: Digital marketing in Russia 2016



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Are you involved in digital marketing? Do you have the task of promoting a web project in Russia? Are you an entrepreneur or a digital marketing specialist familiar with a particular local market, but not sufficiently familiar with Russian digital marketing? This White Paper has been written specifically for foreign marketing specialists and entrepreneurs who want to expand their sphere of influence, to bring online projects to the Russian-speaking market and acquire new customers.

These guides was written by Vadim Tylik, Russian entrepreneur, Founder and President of the RMAA Group. Below you will find some excerpts of White Paper Rev 2.0   Edition 2016   “DIGITAL MARKETING IN RUSSIA 2016. FINDING YOUR CUSTOMERS ON THE INTERNETIN RUSSIA — HOW TO GO ABOUT IT? ”.

Below you will read some excerpts of this White Paper, it is not only devoted to search marketing, you will also find a complete description of the market and all the digital marketing tools that can be applied to your business in Russia.

The main search engines in Russia:

The most popular search engine in Russia since 1997 is Yandex. The second most popular search engine in Russia is Google - the world’s leading search engine, entered the Russian market in 2006.

In third place is Mail.Ru search engine. For a long time Mail.Ru was using third-party search engines - Google and Yandex, developing its own search algorithm at the same time. Mail.Ru switched to its own search engine in 2013.

In Russia, the audience is almost completely divided between two search engines: Yandex and Google.

According to the Russian company Liveinternet, as of December 2015 the market share between the search engines was distributed was as follows:


VKontakte is the most popular social network in Russia. More than 340 million users are registered on it. Odnoklassniki is a social network that was set up to search for former classmates. Today it has more than 200 million users. Facebook is a social network popular worldwide. Today the audience of Russians in Face-book is 24.5 million. [email protected] (My World) is a social network of the largest Russian Internet company Followers of service - 25.2 million per month (according to TNS November 2014).Instagram is becoming more and more popular. The Russian audience of this resource is 10.6 million people, which is nearly five times as many as in March 2015. This social network takes the second place according to the number of active writers (the first place takes VKontakte).



Understanding of local specifics.

In the Russian Internet environment, the stratification of users is huge, including age, wealth, education and ideology. Therefore, individual people choose not only different Internet platforms for communication and tracking news, but even different search engines. Each social network has a particular attitude to customers and dramatically contrasting content, even if they have exactly the same functionality.

We should definitely consider Russian national character. There are examples of campaigns that worked very well in the West, but even with high-quality localization did not attract consumers in Russia, and even repulsed them. You will have to forget about certain techniques. For example, the Russian audience will not tolerate aggressive pressure. You want to incite consumers’ hatred? Push the consumer to believe that he simply has no other choice but to use your product or service.

Does your product meet a ready market in Russia?

Before you start promoting your product or service on the Russian market, it is necessary to know how often it has been looked up in the web. In addition to Google Trends, which you are already familiar with, you should use the service provided by Yandex - “Selection of words”: In the chart below you can see that the keyword “iPhone 6S” was requested 314,823 times per month. It is important to understand that this data is not stable; the demand is changing every month.”


1) SEO-promotion

2) Contextual advertising – advertisement with payment per click

3) Media-contextual advertising

4) Social networks

5) E-mail marketing

6) Cost per Action – advertising model

7) Influencer Marketing

8) Blogging

You can find out more about this solutions for your business in White Paper Rev 2.0 Edition 2016 “DIGITAL MARKETING IN RUSSIA 2016. FINDING YOUR CUSTOMERS ON THE INTERNETIN RUSSIA— HOW TO GO ABOUT IT? ”

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