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First issue. How to promote foreign brands in the Russian Market?



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This is the first mail out issue about effective marketing in Russia.

My name is Vadim Tylik and I am the founder of «Russian Marketing Advertising Agency» (RMAA Group) and the author of this blog. Twice a month I will send you letters in which I will share useful information with you about marketing and advertising in Russia, and about effective advertising and foreign brand roll out in the Russian market. Do you have your own manufacturer? Are you importing your product into Russia and experiencing lower than expected sales? Are you developing your own Internet project and want it to be popular in the Russian market? Our mail out will help you to promote your business. I will tell you about effective and concrete tools, thanks to which you may get new Russian clients, both in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Having a strong, competent background and with wide experience in international marketing activities and foreign brand promotion in Russia, I have decided to share this experience and our best practice with you. Today I see that international companies have a great interest in the Russian market. The reason for this is, primarily, that there is a high demand for international brands from Russian clients.

We have a proverb in Russia: “A prophet is not recognized in his own land”. In the context of business it means that Russian people trust international manufacturers or suppliers more than Russian ones. The famous Russian designer Artemy Lebedev once declared in an interview that there is an absence of competitiveness in Russia. And I share his point of view. In fact it is easier to compete in Russia than in the USA or in England. I believe that the reasons for this are to be found in World history: in the USA and in many European countries people learn entrepreneurial behavior at a young age, but Russia has just recovered from being in the control of a communist regime - yet 20 years passed. That is why the Russian market has prospective opportunity; but of course, every such opportunity also has hidden dangers.

Now it is the time when the opportunity to successfully enter the Russian market is there for all dynamic international companies! Being complacent today means losing. If you sit and wait for clients then sooner or later you will be faced with adversity. Now it is important to win clients, to show them your quality, to advertise your business not only locally, but also outside your country.

Our blog will tell you how make your marketing effective in Russia. Tomorrow I will send you the first article about brand promotion in the Russian Internet.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the RMAA team [email protected] or me directly – [email protected]. An exchange of experiences and ideas is the goal of this blog.


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About the Author

Vadim Tylik – Russian entrepreneur, Founder and President of the RMAA Group. Vadim helps foreign companies to develop and implement marketing strategies in Russia and CIS region, create performance based media campaigns in order to expand more effectively on the Russian market.

Author Vadim Tylik
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