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PPC For Mobile Devices: How to Do Competent Advertising in Russia



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With a mobile phone, modern people wake up and go to bed, have lunch and dinner, sit in a traffic jam, and wait in queues endlessly surfing the Internet. The phone became the main assistant and advisor in the life of a modern man. The PPC - systems were the first to take advantage of it. As a sidenote, they are always the first to respond to any request of a person in search networks. Competent work with these systems is your real advertising pedestal, which will raise your company to the next level. All about PPC for mobile devices - in today's material of RMAA Group.

 PPC - an abbreviation for Pay Per Click - the Internet marketing model where an advertiser places advertising on affiliate's sites of the system and pays for user clicks on the banner. According to a recent analytical data, contextual advertising conversion rate increased by 35% compared to the clicking on links from the natural search results. As of PPC visit depth it surpasses SEO promotion.

The cost of a click (CPC - cost per click) depends on various factors: competition, geographic location, time of day when ads were displayed, quality indicator of the advertisement and landing page, etc.

Then the system has grown into advertising banner networks, which greatly facilitated the work of the advertiser and allowed to refuse from the acquisition of a difficult management software program on the site, as well as to let employees of banner systems solve technical problems. Together with individual links to each partner, they started to use special files - cookies. Cookies are the small pieces of data sent by a web server and stored on user`s computer; every time when you try to open the corresponding site, the browser sends the data fragment to the Web server along with the page request. Cookies allowed to track all user`s activity on the network and on the website.

There are two basic models to determine the cost per click:

The first one - Flat-Rate PPC – is a model in which the advertiser and the affiliate system agree on a fixed price per each click.

The second model is Bid-Based PPC - an auction for advertising place where advertisers compete for the best place, betting and raising amounts that they are willing to pay for ad placement.

There are plenty of PPC systems, but the major networks which have proved themselves in the market are about ten. In Russia they are Yandex and Google AdWords.

Based on the statistics of search engines, users enter the same questions from different devices: both from computers and mobile phones. That is why it is important to consider several options when setting up PPC advertising.

Specialists of RMAA Group recommend to allocate resources in both directions, in each case of product or project ads, you need an individual analysis of marketing techniques, for example mobile advertising is less important for b2b than for an online store. However, in many cases mobile PPC-systems are beneficial.

Firstly, according the same analytical data of search engines, you can see a steady increase in traffic from mobile devices: users search for information through the phone by 64% more often than using the computer. Secondly, click through rate is 4 times higher from computers, that is definitely effective for your advertising and more profitable for your business.

As in any highly competitive system, PPC advertising requires competent settings that will get the highest traffic while showing your ads to the target audience. Masters of RMAA Group have always paid special attention to details, on which large figures depend. They advise to pay attention to the following items when creating ads:

  • for example, in one of the most popular Russian systems - Yandex.Direct - when setting up advertising it is necessary to tick the box "for mobile devices," this allows you to specify the priority of ad display on mobile phones and tablets. Inattention advertisers forget about this little tick and then do not understand why the ad does not appear on gadgets’ screens.
  • unlike advertising text on your computer, ad for phones must be made as short and concise, as possible so that it hooks the user while scrolling and gives immediately understanding that this is exactly what he needs;
  • it is necessary to anchor the contacts of your company to the advertising, clicking on which the customer will be able to call you directly. An analysis of the effectiveness of advertising shows that when advertiser fixes the contact and user sees it, CTR increases by 8%.

  • try to use broad match words - keywords with their relevant variations (synonyms, the singular and the plural, different cases).
  • separate mobile and PC Version: When creating a cloud of keywords, bear in mind that a user tape fewer words in the search box of a mobile than on the computer;.
  • it will be better if PPC ads for mobile devices lead to your one-page website created specifically for mobile devices - landing page – that will allow users to quickly go to the site and view the information. More thorough sites carry a lot of information, and because of the heavy weight, it takes more than 3 seconds to open them - time after which a user usually lose patience and cancels..
  • use the tag m / in the beginning of the url / address or / mobile at the end of the url / address of your mobile page. In that way you will facilitate the work of the search engines robots and boost figures. Besides the users who will see the ad immediately understand that your mobile ads relates with the mobile page on which he can quickly move to with one click.

N.B.! Note that when you create a mobile ad, advertising had to be entirely reworked, even with the design side. “Landscape” of the page on computer differs from the "portrait" on a mobile device. Many companies still do not take into account the importance of adapting the site and landing page for different gadgets, which significantly reduces their audience, as zooming, deleting, and searching for the desired line of the page is very inconvenient to the user.

Moreover, to make the site and the landing page more adaptive, you need to ensure that the information does not suffer from the adaptation: the contacts do not "slid" or even disappear, the sections do not climb on each other, and the information is submitted in a convenient way.

Mobile PPC campaign has already proved its effectiveness even at the market with the highest competitive level in the world - the USA. The Russian system has also gained popularity, but has not yet received such a global scale competition, which gives great opportunities to those advertisers who manage to take advantage of this service.

Remember, the main thing is to use it wisely, in order to justify your investments and make them work for you. RMAA Group will help you to get familiar with the intricacies and run the right ads.

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