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Review of Russian Exhibitions of Meat and Dairy Production Equipment and Technologies



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Every year there are big exhibitions of equipment and innovative technologies for dairy and meat production, as well as for animal industry in Russia. Both local companies and manufacturers from other countries participate in them. Such events are a platform for presentation of solutions, thanks to which it becomes possible to modernize and increase the operating efficiency of meat and dairy industry enterprises, agribusiness holding companies, animal husbandries, and farm business.

Besides, such exhibitions let you learn about the condition of the agricultural sector of Russia, CIS countries, and other foreign states. It grants machinery manufacturers and innovative technology developers with an opportunity to find worthy business partners and expand their target market. All these things open wide horizons both for a particular business and for countries in general.

RMAA Group decided to prepare a review of events where equipment and innovative technologies for milk and meat production and for animal industry are demonstrated. We do it for one simple reason: most of our clients take part in exhibition events, and we assist them in it. Our experts gather necessary people, appoint meetings of exhibition participants with perspective clients, and solve other issues. Our clients came to a conclusion that it is much more effective for them to talk to their customers at exhibition events. We will effectively gather all necessary people and help to organize a ready-made exhibition at a professional level. With our help, you will manage to expand the domain of your influence, both inside the country and far abroad.

Before we tell you about the most famous exhibitions of equipment and innovative technologies for animal industry, dairy and meat production, here is a bit of important information for those who is going attract attention to their products. Are you intended to use the opportunities of such exhibitions to offer your goods and/or services to companies who work in this field, but you do not know yet how to do it in the most fortunate way? Read the blog by RMAA Group—here you will find a lot of essential information.

Dairy and Meat Industry

This is an event presenting technologies and equipment for meat and milk production, as well as for animal industry. The event is annually held in Moscow. It was first organized in 2002.
The following goods are presented during this exhibition event:

  • equipment and instruments for herd expansion;
  • feed qualitative composition determination methods;
  • watering systems; 
  • milking machinery; 
  • animal and poultry management equipment and methods;
  • meat products manufacturing equipment and methods;
  • cottage cheese and curd products manufacturing equipment and methods;
  • ice cream production facilities;
  • milk tank vehicles;
  • waste processing equipment and methods;
  • milk storage equipment and methods;
  • cheese and butter production equipment and methods;
  • meat cutting equipment;
  • disinfecting equipment etc.

This exhibition equipment is attended by professionals of the agricultural sector from 20 foreign states, as well as from 75 Russian regions, with nearly 8,000 experts in total. You can learn the date of the next exhibition here:

Meat Industry. Chicken King. Industry of the Cold for Agriculture

This exhibition event demonstrates directions related to production of high-quality poultry and livestock farming goods in the amounts sufficient for need satisfaction of Russian buyers, as well as citizens of certain foreign states. The event is annually held in Moscow, starting from 2003.

The following products are presented in the event:

  • stalls equipment;
  • equipment for storage and transport of feeds;
  • devices for tagging of animals;
  • drinking-bowls;
  • machines for treatment of hooves;
  • computer systems of management of dairy farms;
  • equipment for feed production;
  • veterinary instruments and equipment;
  • equipment for breeding poultry;
  • systems of transportation of manure;
  • boxes to keep the young;
  • equipment for the production of dairy concentrates;
  • equipment for stock slaughtering;
  • sanitary washing systems;
  • overalls and many others.

Products are exhibited in a pavilion, which area is 30,000 square meters. The event gathers more than 300 manufacturers such as Yuhor JSC, Damate GC, PenzaMolInvest, Belgrankorm LLC, Krasnodon Poultry Farm OJSC etc. There are also companies from such countries as China, USA, Canada, Thailand, Belgium, Iran, India, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Germany etc. You can learn the date of the next exhibition here:


This is an international exhibition event that presents innovative methods and platforms for business communication of directors, investors, scientists, and officials. The exhibition is known for demonstration of the latest technology solutions, generation of new trends, discussion of the hottest topics related to animal industry, dairy and meat products. The event is held in the capital of Russia, organized in 2007 for the first time.

The following products are demonstrated at this exhibition:

  • technology for dung and manure disposal;
  • pools, RAS;
  • feeding, husbandry, and health support technology for animals and poultry;
  • veterinary equipment and medicines;
  • milking and cooling technology;
  • specialized equipment, spare parts, accessories;
  • packages for milk and dairy products.

Besides, this event demonstrates pedigree animals of the best foreign and Russian species. There are more than 360 exhibitors from 30 countries and 80 Russian regions in total, attended by nearly 9,000 guests. You can learn the date of the next exhibition here:

Smart Farm

This is an event to represent equipment, veterinary products, and animal and poultry feeds. The exhibition takes place in Saint Petersburg every year. It was first conducted in 2014.

The following products are demonstrated at this exhibition:

  • equipment for keeping and feeding animals and poultry;
  • devices for breeding animals and poultry;
  • equipment for milking;
  • equipment for feed production and further storage;
  • equipment for meat and milk primary processing;
  • veterinary medicines etc.

The event is conducted in a pavilion with an area of more than 30,000 square meters. It is attended by experts of large agricultural organizations, peasant firm enterprises, and private farm households. You can learn the date of the next exhibition here: 


This is a big international exhibition where the greatest achievements of Russian and foreign manufacturers have been demonstrated within the last two decades, and it also contributes to introduction of new modern technologies by processing and food industry enterprises. Its participants are countries that are interested in search of modern equipment, ingredients, and raw materials for this field. The event is held annually in Moscow, starting from 1995.

The following equipment is demonstrated at the exhibition:

  • special packaging equipment and materials;
  • retail equipment;
  • special refrigerating units;
  • production process acceleration solutions;
  • hygiene items;
  • testing and measuring equipment;
  • cleaning equipment;
  • meat cutting technologies;
  • equipment for meat processing and sausage making;
  • various ingredients and many others.

One huge platform represents equipment for all varieties of food industry. The event is attended by nearly 800 companies from 30 states: Sweden, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Austria, Ukraine, Netherlands, Denmark, Great Britain, USA, Turkey, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, Slovenia, Lithuania, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Serbia, Russia, China, Ireland, Poland etc. It is suitable for presentation of products by such well-known companies as Marel, Meyn, Rieckermann, Frontmatec, Jarvis, Limos, EFT, Sventa, Begarat, Voran, Revada, Aromadon, iGmbH, GNT, Stern, BHJ, Campus, Moguntia, Oregana, Krist, Kolvy, Omega etc. You can learn the date of the next exhibition here:

Do you have your B2B product or service? Do you want to present them at an international exhibition that takes part in Russia, while it is important to do it to the maximum effect? RMAA Group will help all comers with promotion of goods and services at such exhibition events. We organize private exhibition events, which lets our customers attract the attention of professionals to your brand. And we are ready to arrange a ready-made exhibition for you! Our experts have vast relevant experience. You can be sure that the event will be conducted at a really high level. You can feel the effect of our exhibition within a very short time.

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