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Review of the exhibitions of the automotive industry in Russia



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Automotive industry exhibitions are held on a regular basis in Russia. These are always important events for both domestic and foreign specialists. An enormous platform gathers several hundreds of manufacturers from different countries who demonstrate innovative achievements and latest developments in such market areas as vehicle components, automotive equipment, auto chemical goods, car electronics, tire service, car service, security systems, repair services, and many others.

Automotive industry shows are crucial and highly profitable business tools, which provide with an opportunity to increase the prestige of a country, get acquainted with the competitors’ proposals, and save time, as well as find reliable partners and solvent customers. What is interesting about the events held these days? What new products and services do car manufacturers and auto service providers offer? Read about all this and learn a lot of useful information in the RMAA Group blog.


  • InterAuto
  • CeMAT Russia
  • Avtoprom. Vehicle components
  • Avtotech Krasnodar

Interauto. The best way to start Russian market entry

Launched in 2004, Interauto is one of the most significant annual events traditionally held in Moscow. It has won the attention of car enthusiasts, manufacturers and distributors of car goods, representatives of tuning studios, design organizations, educational institutions, specialized media and insurance companies. 

InterAuto is an exhibition event where one can always get acquainted with the latest developments of Russian and foreign manufacturers of service equipment, auto components, auto chemical goods, consumables. All products presented at the exhibition are located in several halls so that visitors can quickly find the right company and evaluate its products. In particular:

  • car electronics;
  • security systems;
  • disks and tires;
  • paints, oils, varnishes;
  • various service equipment;
  • spare parts.

Every year this exhibition event brings together over 30,000 automotive sector professionals. Nearly 400 firms from countries such as Russia, Finland, Germany, Poland, Egypt, Italy, China, America, Japan, Latvia and others gather at the area of more than 28,000 square meters. Exhibition visitors can see the products of the following famous companies: Troll -Auto, Chicago Pneumatic, BERU, ATAS CHEMICAL , TRITON-IMPORT, Grass, Xenum, SUPROTEK NPTK, Brain Storm, Sapphire, AGA, Eurodetal, NORDBERG, Solar Gard, ABRO, KIEHL, IMG and many others. Find out about the dates of the next InterAuto exhibition on its official website:


COMTRANS is the only exhibition event of commercial vehicles in Russia. First held in 2011, this exhibition provides an opportunity for famous Russian and world manufacturers of commercial vehicles to show their achievements in IEC Crocus Expo, located in Moscow. The biennial event is hosted in odd numbered years. It is organized in turns with the IAA, a well-known exhibition held in Hanover.

At COMTRANS one can see the following products:

  • Trucks.
  • Buses.
  • Trailers and semitrailers.
  • Caravans.
  • Cross-country vehicles.
  • SUVs and ATVs.
  • Vans.
  • Minivans.
  • Special automotive equipment.
  • Communal vehicles.
  • Spare parts and components.

Moreover, here one can find out about the latest developments in the fields of cargo transportation, transport infrastructure and industry, logistics services (including manufacturing) and transport systems.

The event is held on an area of more than 43,000 square meters. Over 220 companies and more than 17 000 experts of motor transport sphere participate. Visitors can see the products of such famous manufacturers as GAZ Group, KAMAZ, Ford Sollers, MAZ, Thermo King, Jost RUS, KRONE, Mercedes-Benz RUS, ZF, DAF, Carrier, FUWA, Volvo Trucks, BPW-OST, MAN Truck & Bus RUS, FAW, ISUZU RUS, Webasto, Foton, OMEGA, JAC, VOLGABAS, and others. Find out about the dates of the next COMTRANS exhibition on its official website:

CeMAT Russia

CeMAT Russia is an international event with no analogues in Russia. First held in 2009, it is hosted annually in Moscow. At this exhibition one can get acquainted with the latest technological solutions and equipment intended for organizing warehouse storage at enterprises that work in such areas as transport logistics, logistics complexes, production, trade networks, and others .
Following products are presented at CeMAT Russia exhibition:

  • Lifting and transport equipment.
  • Equipment for warehouses.
  • Systems designed for storage space automatization (including lifts and forklifts).
  • Operating equipment.
  • Equipment for orders packing.

Every year the exhibition is visited by 5000 guests and brings together over 100 Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers, including purchasing specialists, heads of logistics and sales departments, warehouse managers, owners and managers of companies. More than 100 companies from such countries as Russia, Italy, China, Sri Lanka, Belgium, and Germany take part in the exhibition. Products of the following manufacturers are presented: SAP, ENGINEERING, NOBLELIFT, ASV, CONSTRUCTOR RUS, Logistix, APOLLO, SEMARGL, KARCHER, Fabs Logistics, WEILANDT ELEKTRONIK, Baoli, Vanderlande, EFAFLEX, TDM Electric, RST INVENT, TVH, Jungheinrich, STILL, ISTK and many others. Find out about the dates of the next CeMAT Russia exhibition on its official website:

Avtoprom. Vehicle components

Avtoprom. Vehicle components is an international exhibition which presents the latest achievements and developments of foreign and Russian enterprises in auto components manufacturing, as well as tools for service, operation and repair of cars. First held in 2007, the annual event takes place in Togliatti. In particular, it facilitates attraction of domestic investments into the industry, introduction of the most relevant engineering solutions and production systems into practice, and also favors the implementation of programs for expanding the automotive industry.


Participants of the exhibition demonstrate samples of new products, communicate with invited experts on the issues of goods quality improvement, and exchange their personal experience. Following products are presented:

  • Automotive spare parts and electronics.
  • Automotive oils.
  • Trailers.
  • Car repair supplies.
  • Car chemical supplies.
  • Garage equipment.
  • Car cosmetics.
  • Car assembly untis
  • Rubber products and tires for cars.
  • Gas stations.
  • Accessories for vehicles, etc.

The event attracts more than 6000 guests every year. Among those who participate there are automotive companies, representatives of industry organizations, coachbuilders, engineering design bureaus, engineering companies, car assembly plants and car factories, manufacturers of auto chemical goods and auto components, over 100 participants in total. At the exhibition one can get acquainted with the products of such manufacturers as Ford Motor Company, UAZ, TagAZ, Severstal-Auto, SeAZ, KAMAZ, Izh-Avto, GAZ, Avtoframos, SiEnEych Kamaz Industry, AVTOVAZ, Avtotor, and others. Companies from more than 50 regions of Russia present their products, as well as manufacturers from the following countries do: Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, America, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, China, France. Find out about the dates of the next Avtoprom. Vehicle components exhibition on its official website:

Avtotech Krasnodar

Avtotech Krasnodar is one of the longest-standing international exhibitions. The annual event is held in Krasnodar since 1995. It brings together manufacturers and suppliers of special vehicles, trucks and passenger transport, auto parts, car accessories, and many others. The event is visited by vehicle repair companies, organizations working in retail and wholesale trade of car goods, cargo companies, and enterprises owning a personal car fleet.


Following products are presented at the exhibition:

  • Passenger transport.
  • Special equipment for various human activities.
  • Trucks.
  • Spare parts.
  • Automotive chemistry.
  • Vehicle components
  • Cosmetics and accessories for cars.
  • Tools and equipment for car service.
  • Car electronics. 

Each time it is held, the exhibition is visited by more than 2,000 guests. The products of the following manufacturers are presented: TEMP-AUTO, Samara Trading Company, REKAM, MAN, IZUZU, Aileron Polypharm, SHEFLLER RUSSLAND, TTS-Yug, Technoalyans, ALVA, Rubikon- S, MIKADO, Vector, DIAS-GROUP, AvtoSelhozKomplekt, C2R, ABS-AUTO GROUP, KAVTRANSTO, Gortess, RUBIKON-S, TTS-SOUTH, STARKO, VITE, REKAM, MIKADO, Composite PC, Atera, Mark, and many others. There are more than 50 manufacturers from Russia, Germany, Japan, Poland, America, China and other countries. Find out about the dates of the next Avtotech Krasnodar exhibition on its official website:

Do you own a personal B2B product or service? Do you intend to present them at international exhibitions that are systematically held in Russia? RMAA Group will gladly help you in promoting your services and products at suchlike events. We offer competent assistance in organizing your own industry event. This will allow you to attract the attention of the professional community to your brand as soon as possible. We will organize a turn-key exhibition and solve all organizational issues in a professional manner so that you will not have to worry about anything. 

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