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Review of Tourism Exhibitions in Russia



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Every year Russia hosts exhibitions that are of interest not only for Russian, but also for foreign companies. Exhibition events are one of the means of marketing communication in the field of tourism. They grant a lot of opportunities to explore the market and competition level in detail, to strengthen tourism relations, to form and widen a customer database for future, to earn interest for products within the shortest time, to commercialize the newest services/goods, and to advance the image of the brand. Besides, present exhibition events allow attraction of mass media attention. However, what matters most is that they give an immediate boost for adoption of new technologies in tourism.

RMAA Group decided to prepare a useful review of tourism exhibitions. The reason for that is simple: many of our clients take part in exhibition events, and we help them with that. Our participating clients often need exhibition support, and our experts gather necessary people, appoint meetings of participants with potential clients, and solve many other important issues. We will gather the people you need, help to organize a ‘ready-made’ exhibition event on a professional level. With our help, you will significantly expand an area of your influence in Russia on internationally.

Would you like to use opportunities of tourism exhibitions and to propose your goods and/or services that work in this field, but you do not know how? Read the RMAA Group blog - here you will find a lot of important information.


Business and politics strongmen meet at this exhibition. Representatives from Russia, CIS countries, and other states take part in it. The event is held in Moscow every autumn. It was organized in 1995 for the first time.

The following topics are covered within this event:

  • Domestic, inbound, and outbound tourism
  • Hotel industry
  • Tourism education
  • River and sea cruises
  • Cultural tourism
  • Tourism IT
  • Family tourism.
  • Religious tourism
  • Youth and children tourism
  • Primary wellness and medical tourism
  • Rural tourism
  • Custom trips
  • Transport services (car hire, air carriage, bus tours etc.)

The exhibition takes place in the area of 14,500 sq. m. More than 600 participants attend it, among which are the best operators, insurance companies, hoteliers, travel agencies etc. The participants share their knowledge and experience with regards to work in the international and Russian markets. A dynamic agenda includes 130 events—there are many trainings, discussions, and presentations, as well as cooking classes. You can learn about the date of the next meeting here:

Health&Medical Tourism 

This is an exhibition event where companies present their services with regard to medical tourism. It is attended by representatives of foreign and Russian hospitals, health resorts, travel and insurance companies, as well as recreation, rehabilitation, and diagnostic centers. The event is held annually in Saint Petersburg, starting from 2012.

The purpose of this event is to improve human health and life quality. It is also recognized as an efficient way to grow sales of medical tourism services. The following services are considered during the exhibition:

  • Health resort treatment 
  • High recreation technologies
  • Dental care
  • Aesthetic medicine
  • Diagnostics and treatment abroad

More than 13 countries—Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Austria, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Hungary etc.—take part in the event, represented by more than 2,000 participants. You can learn the date of the next meeting at its official web-site:

INWETEX – CIS Travel Market

This is an event of international format, where travel industry professionals come. It has an intense business and entertainment program. The exhibition takes place in Saint Petersburg. It was first organized in 2000. The event has the following directions:

  • Resorts
  • MICE industry
  • Medical tourism etc.

The exhibition takes place in a pavilion, which area is nearly 5,500 sq. m., and gathers people from various countries. The event’s participants are regional and national tourist authorities, carriers, hotel representatives, national travel offices, insurance companies, educational institutions in the field of tourism industry etc. You can learn the date of the next event at its official web-site:


This is an international exhibition event to present the newest tourist products of leading travel agencies, eminent tour operators of Russia, countries near and far abroad, hotels, airline companies, and banks. The exhibition is held in Yekaterinburg every year, first arranged in 2007.

The following topics are covered at this exhibition event:

  • Tour operating
  • Airline companies
  • Resorts
  • Health resorts
  • Treatment in foreign hospitals
  • Cruises
  • Child recreation
  • Foreign education
  • Ticket sale
  • Adventure travel
  • Organization of business events
  • Hotel industry
  • Conference floors
  • Mountain ski resorts
  • Foreign property
  • Innsurance
  • Bus tours.
  • Bank services

The number of visitors is more than 10,000, represented by companies from different countries and cities. The number of participants grows every year. The business program of the event consists of round tables, conferences, and workshops. You can learn the date at its official web-site:

Intourmarket (ITM)

This is the only exhibition event where all Russian regions are represented. This exhibition lets eminent travel agencies of Russia and foreign countries to demonstrate their potential. The event is held in Moscow annually, starting from 2006.

The following topics are covered within this exhibition:

  • Beach recreation
  • Travels
  • Experiential tourism
  • Sea and river cruises
  • Adventure tourism
  • Tourism insurance
  • Nature reserves, parks, museums
  • Medical tourism
  • Sports tourism
  • MICE and business tourism
  • Educational tourism
  • Pilgrim tours
  • IT companies working in the field of tourism

The event is held in a pavilion, which area consists of nearly 30,000 sq. m., and attended by more than 80,000 guests. The business program includes more than 150 events. You can learn about the date of the next exhibition here:

Do you have a B2B product or service? Are you going to present them at an international exhibition in Russia to your advantage? RMAA Group is ready to assist with promotion of your goods and services at such events. If you need, we will conduct your personal industry exhibition. This ensures that you will manage to attract the maximum attention of professionals to your brand. We make exhibition on a turn-key basis, and our experienced expert will help to resolve any issue. You will immediately feel the effect of the event conducted.

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