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Russian radio holding is going to sell targeted advertising



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"European Media Group” (one of the biggest radio holdings in Russia) offers advertisers and advertising agencies a new option - sales directed at target groups starting from April 1, 2015. It will provide direct hit to the desired target group and will become the most effective advertising solution for any task in terms of price, cost per thousand contacts (CPT) and coverage.

“Europa Plus”, “Dorozhnoe Radio" and “Retro FM” – these EMG radio stations are ranked among TOP 5 of Russian radio stations. In combination with our other stations it allows to cover about 70% of the audience aged 12+ and most of the target groups, demanded among advertisers. We have calculated more than 30 splits (sets of stations) for each target group and have ensured that our offer will be the most effective in terms of coverage and price ", - says Daria Chuikova, the vice president of commercial activity in "European Media Group".

For example, for the most solvent target group - 25-49, EMG can offer at least 10 advertising packages using only their stations – same as TV advertising.

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