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Travel business figures have to constantly follow changes in the target market: outbound tourist flow, its general volume and dynamics, tendencies of the travel and media market and a lot more. And all these things have to be monitored all the time. And if we talk about the Russian market, up-to-date information is mostly provided discretely in dozens of resources and, along with this, in Russian.

We constantly follow the dynamics of the Russian travel and media market, and, in order to ease the problem of monitoring for travel business figures, we put all the latest data together into a single digest that we will be updating on a regular basis (quarterly).

The first issue of the quarterly Russian Travel Market Digest for III quarter 2019 is already available for free.

Learn about major changes in the travel and digital market of Russia just in 10 minutes.

Tourist Flow Dynamics

Following the results of the first three quarters in 2019, Turkey remains a steady leader in the outbound market of Russia. Within the first nine months of 2019, the tourist flow to Turkey has increased by 16%, compared to the same period in 2018, and equaled to almost 6 million Russians.

You can also learn from the Russian Travel Market Digest:

  • to what countries Russians went most often;
  • what the dynamics of the outbound flow is;
  • how many Russians go abroad with tourism and business purposes.

Russian Internet Numbers

Russians actively use the Internet along the customer journey, from search to purchase of tickets and tours to foreign countries. At that, two search systems are preferred: Google and Yandex, while smartphones lead among all devices.

In 2019, more than 2 million Yandex users in Russia looked for ‘tours’ online, while ‘last minute tours’ take the first place in travel themes of Google queries.

  • How does online behavior of travellers change?
  • What countries lead in Russian search?
  • What travel projects lead in the Russian-language Internet?
  • What travel queries hit the top?

Learn answers to these questions in our Russian Travel Market Digest.

Polls and Studies

  • Where do Russian tourists want to vacate and what attracts them in different countries?
  • How do they choose a country for travelling?
  • What are they ready to pay for and how much money do they spend while travelling?

You can find answers to these questions in up-to-date studies of tourism in Russia. We monitor dozens of resources and select only the freshest articles from reliable sources for you.


Attending tourism events is an ideal opportunity not only to get new information on the unfolding situation and market development but also to widen useful contacts and determine a new vector of development and promotion of travel business in the Russian market.

In our digest, we will be quarterly publishing the list of upcoming largest tourism and marketing events.


In this part, we will share interesting solutions of marketing tasks from market colleagues so that you could ‘oversee’ them and make your projects even better and fuller to attract more Russian tourists to your region.

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