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SOGAZ is preparing sport games broadcasting-brand promotion in Russia



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“SOGAZ” insurance company has prepared commercials with the famous athletes to be broadcasted during the Russian Football Championship and the Continental Hockey League in 2014-2015. Mikhail Porechenkov, who is the famous Russian actor, is the main character of these commercials, also Vieira de Souza Givanildo, the striker of "Zenit” nicknamed as “Hulk”, shows up in one of the commercials. Everyone whoappearsin the commercials, except Porechenkov, is true athletes.


A sport fan (or a coach-in different commercials Porechenkov appears in two different hypostasizes) expresses confidence that his team will defeat the opponent team and get a “dry” victory. A play of words is used here. “Dry win” in Russian sport slang means a flawless victory in a game when the opponent team failed to score any goals. This commercial offers you to get insured against flooding your neighbors.


This commercial offers you to get your property insured against theft. Being afraid of burglars Hulk keeps dragging all his valuables with him.



The intake and the message is the same as in the first video, but here the hockey field melted because some hockey player has forgotten to shut down hot water in the shower room after the training.


Again this is a play of words and an example of apartment flood. This time a fan who is informed that his apartment got flooded is shouting expressing his need to ring his neighbor named Ole who resides upstairs. His screaming “Ole” is picked up by grand stands.


A coach, fearing for his brand new car, drove it in to the locker room of athletes. Obviously Auto Thief Insurance is being advertised here.


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