Digital Marketing

Russian Digital Market
Overview 2022

Complete Guide to Create
a Digital Marketing Strategy in the Russian Market

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In our White Paper! you will find answers to following questions:

  • What are the main search engines in Russia?
  • What is the audience of Russian social media and messengers?
  • How to determine your audience in the Russian market, competitors, and distributors?
  • What are the key stages of CJM and what digital channels can be involved on each stage to interact with potential buyers in the Russian market?
  • What are the main advertising and analytics systems and tools in the Russian market?
Russian online market is developing at an unbelievable pace, and today an online presence in Russia alone is not enough for global companies — they also need to be at great pains to promote their products. We created this White Paper specially for those who aspire at understanding the specifics of the Russian online market and its target audience deeper and at effective promotion of their business online.
Vadim Tylik,

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