Advertising on Love Radio in Russia

Advertising on the Love Radio station

Love Radio broadcasts light and romantic music for youth. The main format of the radio is popular songs overseas and a small number of Russian music. Love radio is against aggressive music, it creates romantic and light mood for the listeners every day.

In 2009, Love Radio changed its direction to r'n'b music style, having impact on young people. Radio new slogan became: "Love is one, Love Radio is for everyone". Now radio targeted audience is young people, the most romantic category of population. Therefore, advertising on Love radio is the most effective solution if it’s your targeted audience.

The most attractive radio show is Big Love where listeners vote for their favorite music every week, from Monday to Friday. Based on the results of voting, the radio forms the rating and announces it on the air every Friday. In the program“The people VS Stars” listeners addressto their musical idols.

Every Saturday at 20.00 the radiomakes public the best dance hits. Every Sunday Love Radio presents the exclusive premiere of world music novelties.

Love Radio has been broadcasting since 2000 year, and during that time, it won the recognition of its audience, and also continues to strengthen its positions. It’s possible to advertise on Love radio with the help of RMAA Group.

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How does the media-buying market in Russia work? A media buyer's quick guide for effective work in Russia

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