Advertising on Moscow Echo

Advertising on Moscow Echo - Russian Radio Station

Advertising on Moscow Echo is a unique opportunity to reach a serious, business audience of listeners all over Russia.

Moscow Echo is an information and news radio station in Moscow and in the regions. Its daily audience is over 1 million people in Moscow and more than 1.9 million people in regions, and it’s still increasing.

Targeted audience is mature people aged 40-65 years, with higher education, and also retired audience. The radio is also oriented on businessmen, executives and major professionals.

Moscow Echo broadcasts around the clock. Essential content are the news and information programs, analytical reviews, interviews with politicians, analysts, scientists and generalists.

RMAA Group helps you find the proper way of advertising on Moscow Echo. We offer direct advertising - news, music, video commercials, sponsorship, product placement.

RMAA Group could provide you with both national and regional advertising on Moscow Echo.

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White Paper

How does the media-buying market in Russia work? A media buyer's quick guide for effective work in Russia

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