Advertising on Radio Chanson

Advertising on Radio Chanson in Russia

Advertising on Radio Chanson has a number of significant advantages. The first one is the wide audience coverage. Besides, Radio Chanson always holds top positions in the rating of Russian radio stations.

Radio Chanson differs with a unique musical content. The radio format is the Russian songs like art songs, ballads, rock, jazz. The Radio content also makes the radio advertising unique.The targeted audience of Radio Chanson is people aged 25 years and older, among them 67% of men who are especially employees, workers, professionals and executives with high income. Radio Chanson is a federal radio station and broadcasting on the whole territory of Russia.

RMAA Group proposes advertising on Radio Chanson throughout Russia. We provide with the wide range of advertising opportunities: advertising on Radio Chanson in news block, through sponsorship, and others. It’s possible to place ad in different programs, depending on the interests and characteristics of the targeted audience. "Bill" column covers cultural events: concerts, exhibitions, performances, films. "Autoforum" column discusses the most recent and important changes of traffic laws, urgent problems of motorists, situations and funny things on the road. "Just for You" column gives the opportunity to order and listen to your favorite song on the air broadcasting, and to say hello, to congratulate your friends, relatives, colleagues.

Advertising on Radio Chanson could affect the most dynamic listeners who possess an active attitudes and ability to make decisions. RMAA Group will help you to involve the most active audience all over Russia.

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How does the media-buying market in Russia work? A media buyer's quick guide for effective work in Russia

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