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Vkontakte is mostly Russian-oriented social network can be your main instrument in promotion in Russia. When working with a group of brands, SMM-editors often adopot a casual tone, and appeal to the audience as “you” (disrespectful form of address in Russian, appropriate among family members, friends, and young people). Content is usually catchy, viral, with game elements.

In this social network, you will not find the usual tool of Facebook, which is advertising in the news feed of users. This social network is willing to advertise in communities using their own exchange advertising, which makes it easier to search for a group and buy advertising in them.

You create a promotional post; select the community that is suitable for the subject according to the number of readers and the price of the post (assigned by the moderator of the group) and pass your post for moderation. At the same time the system will lock a certain amount of money on your account equal to the price of the ordered advertising. After this the group moderator expresses his willingness or refusal to publish your post, and the reserved amount is deducted or debited from the account. After this the post will appear in the news feed. Moreover, you can preset the time of publication, or the period of time the post is to be published for.

The rest of the promotional opportunities of VK are very similar to Facebook: placing targeted banner advertising, special offers in games, and creating your own brand advertising applications.


Vkontakte – social network description

Vkontakte target audience

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Vkontakte has the largest number of users in Russia. Since more than 60% of people are under the age of 25 years, VK is considered to be a youth network. The older generation, though, often creates accounts for audio and video (almost completely unmoderated, and therefore containing a high proportion of pirated movies and music), and does not communicate through the site that much.

Extra about ad on Vkontakte

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The monthly audience share of social networks in Russia,%.

Calculated for the period of December 2016
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49.5 mln
Monthly audience reach

Core audience age

73.2% of Russian



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