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Argumenty I Fakty is the largest weekly Russian broadsheet newspaper. Argumenty I Fakty has been issued since 1978. During this time, the newspaper has risen through the ranks from a brochure ‘for the chosen ones’ to the most affluent broadsheet newspaper in Russia and from a small booklet to a large publishing house. In 1990, the newspaper has entered the Guinness Book of Records as a newspaper having the biggest circulation in the human history – 33.5 million copies. Nowadays Argumenty I Fakty comes in editions of more than 2 million copies all over Russia, CIS states, and countries of the far abroad. Nowadays Argumenty I Fakty has 66 Russian and 17 foreign editors’ offices. Argumenty I Fakty is the most readable broadsheet in Russia.

Besides, the Argumenty I Fakty broadsheet, the publishing house issues a range of industry publication under the same brand: “AiF. In the Country”, “AiF. Health”, “AiF No Limits”, “ABOUT Kitchen” and “ABOUT Health” magazines, B2B publication “AiF. Health. Medicines Review” and “Fashion Store”.

Advertising in Argumenty I Fakty is available in traditional formats and in forms of different special projects. Thanks to the wide readership, Argumenty I Fakty is a good advertising space.


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The public of the weekly newspaper includes representatives of various social strata: managers, specialists, employees, workers, students, retirees, etc. Most often, they belong to the middle class. As for the gender composition of the public, women predominate. According to the newspaper’s data, the weekly public of an issue is 6.743.000 readers, while 1.276.000 among them are from Moscow.

Argumenty I Fakty Content

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The newspaper covers a wide range of topics. They are politics, economy, finance, culture, sports, health, global news, society column and others. The editorial policy of Argumenty I Fakty is based on the following principles: adequacy, topicality, utility, honesty, stability, interactivity, approachability. Distinctive feature of the newspaper is the fact that its authors not only inform, but also try to explain what the covered events mean for the reader. Argumenty I Fakty also publishes a TV listing and advertising bill.


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