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Forbes is one of the most reputable economic titles in the world. The 100-year history of the magazine is rich in journalistic traditions. The Russian edition is a bit younger: it has been published since 2004. Russia has become #5 country in the world where Forbes issues its magazine. Forbes Russia is edited once a month with circulation of 90 – 100 thousand copies.

Forbes Russia offers advertising placement of different formats to its clients: center spread, page, half or third part of a page, inside back cover advertising placement of different formats, and other variants. Advertising in the Forbes Russia is for companies, which look for the clients among wealthy people and can attract their attention.


Forbes Russia description

Forbes Russia target audience

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Forbes Russia characterize their readers as a high-yielding readership, which has means to make capital investments. In general, they are officials and entrepreneurship: enterprisers, senior executives, top managers, heads of state-owned companies, and plant and enterprises directors. Men prevail among the readership (63%). Half of readers are managers and top-managers in their social status. Not over half a readership are people at the age of 25-44. The average readership of an issue is 1350000 readers; 500 thousand readers out of this number are from Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Forbes Russia Content

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Forbes does not publish the information, which has been published in other mass media—the content is exclusive. Forbes Russia publishes various information concerning economics, business, investment, technology, relationship between government and business. The information can be presented in different forms: news, digests, interviews, reporting, success stories, expert’s, official’s or entrepreneurship’s op-eds.

In addition, an important place in the editorial policy is taken by financial grades. The magazine has its calendar of grades publication: one grade is published monthly. The most important and the most awaited one is top 200 Russian wealthiest businesspersons, which is published in May.


The average issue readership of Russian newspapers, %

Calculated for the period of December 2016
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Average Issue Readership

Core audience age

50% Moscow, 50% other cities
Technical coverage



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