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The Izvestia broadsheet is one of the oldest publications in Russia. Izvestia has been issued since 1917, and t history of the USSR up to 1991 Izvestia was an official public authority of the USSR government. Izvestia has a wide geographical spread. Circulation of the newspaper in Russia amounts 150 thousand copies, 28 thousand copies in the CIS, and 4 thousand copies in Europe. The content of the newspaper varies from 12 to 48 pages, and sometimes there are specialist supplements, too. Izvestia is issued on weekdays, five times a week.

Advertising placement in the Izvestia broadsheet has a wide range of different possibilities for advertising clients: flat-lying and pedimental modules of various formats. Advertising placement can be on the first and the last pages of the publishing, positioning. Besides, there are possible publications in special projects and specialist supplements of the newspaper (“Personal Finances”, “IT and Telco”, “Real Estate” and others). Advertising in the Izvestia broadsheet will help find an approach to the widest readership in Russia.


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The Izvestia newspaper has a wide readership: they are managers, specialists, employees, workers, students, retirees. It is a fact that Izvestia are popular among aged people, but the readership is spread evenly between readers of different ages. As for the gender composition of the readership, men prevail.

Up to half of the circulation is distributed by subscription. It is interesting that there are such subscribers are leading Russian companies and enterprises, the President’s Administration, the State Duma, the Federation Council, almost all federal ministries, administrations of territories, most of foreign missions in Moscow and regions of Russia, the largest corporations of foreign countries, and international organizations.

Izvestia Content

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The Izvestia broadsheet covers a wide range of topics: politics, economy, finances, social column, culture, spiritual life, sports and so on. At that, it is not only about events in Russia, but about the active coverage of global news, too. In topic sections of Izvetia, there are analytics of mass media market, investment, foreign business partners, consulting, audit, etc. Besides, the newspaper publishes journalistic investigations, op-eds, reputable person’s interviews, stories about interesting events.


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Calculated for the period of December 2016
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