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The Kommersant-Daily broadsheet is a daily broadsheet with a deepened business section.  The newspaper has been issued since 1990. It was weekly in the beginning, but now it is issued six times a week – from Monday to Saturday. The newspaper’s circulation amounts 100-120 thousands of copies; its volume is 16 pages. The broadsheet is distributed all over Russia and in the CIS countries, with 70% of the circulation being distributed in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast. The amounts of distribution by subscription and at retail are almost equal.

It is worth mentioning that, besides the daily broadsheet, the publishing house “Kommersant” issues more editions in printed and electronic forms: “Money”, “Power”, “Ogonyok”, “Weekend”, “Catalog” magazines and regional supplements; more than that, the informational FM-radio station is included into holding company.

Advertising possibilities of the Kommersant-Daily broadsheet include advertising placement on the two-page opening, on page, different forms within a page and advertising in topical units. Issuing of advertising supplements is also possible, as well as distribution of advertising prospects together the newspaper by subscription. Advertising in the Kommersant-Daily broadsheet will be good for companies, aimed at a readership of high quality. They are mainly men with a high level of education and high and middle-income levels, mostly from Moscow.


Kommersant-Daily description

Kommersant-Daily target audience

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The readership of the Kommersant-Daily broadsheet has a range of features. As for the social status, managers and experts prevail in the readership. As for the income level, readers with high and middle-income level prevail. More than 70% of the readership are readers with higher education. As for the gender characteristic of the readership, men prevail.

Kommersant-Daily Content

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The Kommersant-Daily broadsheet is an example of high quality journalistic in Russia. In its columns most important topics cover politics, governing, global and Russian business, financial and state governing news, main events in society, culture and sports. Kommersant-Daily is one of the most reputable broadsheets in Russia.


The average issue readership of Russian newspapers, %

Calculated for the period of December 2016
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Average Issue Readership

Core audience age

67% Moscow, 33% other cities
Technical coverage



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