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RusBusinessConsulting (RBK) news outlet appeared in 1993 and was initially dealing with insider financial information resale to a small number of clients. In course of time, RBK acquired a big number of media sources: daily newspaper, several magazines, TV-channel, and other media. The RBK newspaper (earlier RBK Daily) has been issued since 2006. The newspaper issues five times a week with circulation of 80 thousand copies, and its volume is 16 pages. The newspaper is distributed by retail throughout Moscow, by promo subscribe, and direct address dispatch. The newspaper is distributed free in premium spaces: airports, airlines, luxurious trains, largest business centers, five-star hotels, and restaurants.

Advertising possibilities of the RBK newspaper include advertising mode placement of different sizes from a page up to 1/32 of a page. Format of wraparound and advertising placement on the first page are available as well. Advertising in the RBK newspaper is good for business audience oriented companies with higher education and higher level of income.


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RBK target audience

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The RBK newspaper is structurally related to business-like sources of the media holding. The audience of RBK business-like sources is determined as premium. They are mostly businesspeople, managers, and experts. The most numerous age group of RBK newspaper readership is 25-44 years old. The majority of the audience has higher education. As for the audience composition, men prevail: there are 66% of men and 34% of women reading RBK.

RBK Content

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The RBK newspaper specializes in business news, business, economy and finances. The coverage object is Russian and international news and trends. A big role in editorial policy is played by serious analytical content; the authors do not only evaluate situation, but also predict its development. The topic of business administration in Russia is covered on all fronts: comparisons of Russian and world business, relations between business and state, most profitable directions of business development, increase in Russian business competitiveness and so on.


The average issue readership of Russian newspapers, %

Calculated for the period of December 2016
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