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An English-language business newspaper The Moscow Times was founded in 1992. For a long time the newspaper has been a daily newspaper issuing on weekdays – 5 times a week. In 2015, the newspaper changed the owner and became a weekly newspaper, now released on Thursdays. Nevertheless, The Moscow Times remains a leader among the English-language press in Russia. The circulation is 55 thousand copies; the newspaper has 16-24 pages. The Moscow Times has the unique distribution system – it is distributed free of charge in 500 prestigious places of Moscow (business centers, embassies, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, sport-clubs and so on), while a remarkable part of the circulation is distributed by subscription and in-flights.

In The Moscow Times, there are different advertising opportunities. Standard advertising spaces sale is presented: center spread, page, half of page, and others, as well as special opportunities. One of such opportunities, for example, is a glossy jacket: a newspaper is wrapped into the jacket on which you can place your advertising. There are also special formats as part of sections. Advertising in The Moscow Times will be good for companies that would like to attract Moscow public: the foreigners, expatriates, Russian workers of foreign companies, and English-speaking Russians.


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Initially The Moscow Times was founded for the foreign citizens living in Russia. Now the readership of the newspaper consists of experts, foreign tourists, and English speaking Russians. The readership is shared equally between the Russians and the foreigners. According to the TNS Media research, the reader of The Moscow Times is an active and wealthy businessperson who has a country house and an automobile. The average age of the readership is from 24 to 35.

The Moscow Times Content

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Variety of topics touched upon in the newspaper corresponds to the must-have topic list of a business newspaper: politics, business, economics, analytics and business anticipation, cultural events and so on. As the newspaper is targeted to the foreign citizens, an important place in the magazine is taken by the information about life in Russia from the foreigner’s point of view. Besides, the newspaper publishes a regular pictured travel guide to remarkable places of Moscow, interesting locations reviews, and a Moscow restaurants guide.


The average issue readership of Russian newspapers, %

Calculated for the period of December 2016
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