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The broadsheet Vedomosti is the leading and independent publication in Russia. The newspaper was founded in 1999, featuring such famous printed sources as Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper’s circulation is 75 thousand copies; its volume is 24 pages. The newspaper consists of two copybooks. The first one covers the most important economics and financial news, business and power relations news and the most effective ideas of company management and one’s carrier. In the second copybook, every page is dedicated to some branch of Russian economy. Such issues may contain a specialist supplement. Vedomosti is considered one of the most reputable publication in Russia.

The Vedomosti newspaper offers different forms of advertising placement on its pages. Advertising may take a center spread, ½ of the center spread and other formats on the page. A wraparound format is available, too: the newspaper is issued in a glossy cover having advertisement on four pages (inner and outer sides of the cover). Advertising in the Vedomosti newspaper will be good for the companies that are interested in a high-yielding readership, top leaders of business, and government employees.


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Vedomosti target audience

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Readership of the Vedomosti newspaper is characterized as professionals who take the most important decisions in the sphere of business and state governance. Besides, the readership of the newspaper is thought to be successful earners. The amount of the readership counts 90 thousand readers in Moscow and 148 thousand readers in other regions. Vedomosti is distributed almost in all regions, except for the Far East. The biggest part of the readership belongs to the age group of 25-54 years. The gender composition of the readership is almost balanced.

Vedomosti Content

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As a leading socio-political publication, Vedomosti covers the most significant news and analytics of Russian politics, economy, business, culture and different branches of the Russian economy. In both copybooks, there are traditional sections, here are some of them: “Power and Money”, “Comments”, “Persons”, “Carrier and Management”, “Culture”, “Energy Sources”, “Markets”, “Finances”, “Technologies and Telecommunications” and others.


The average issue readership of Russian newspapers, %

Calculated for the period of December 2016
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Average Issue Readership

Core audience age

All Russia (except the Far East)
Technical coverage



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