Advertising and Marketing services in Turkmenistan

Advertising Agency in Turkmenistan, Marketing service in Ashgabat

RMAA Group is independent full service Advertising agency, based in Russia, suggests its service to foreign brands to promote their products on domestic market and neighboring countries, which generate the CIS. Knowing historically formed advertising traditions over there, social niceties and national mentality allows us to get well-deserved effectiveness of planned advertising campaigns.

If a client requests for ad placement in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, in the first instance we have to keep in mind the specifics of national religion (Islam), and also its traditions and manners which were formed for centuries. Life of Turkmens citizens come around allegiance, that’s why all printed, audio-, and video materials, including advertisement, have to contain deep internally premise, which will raise their national spirit. This is reachable by using in advertising legal elements of national symbols. According to this, we expose to a serious adaption the original brand advertising, which is planned to be placed in Turkmenistan.

The planning time of ad media placement to radio and television output needs a particular approach, because the program translation in Turkmenistan performs in compliance with unusual for us national daily regimen .

When planning advertising campaigns we also keep in mind the fact of strict governmental verification of periodicals and global network, and as it follows, placed by them all kind of information, including Ad information.

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