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Founded in 2008 and based in Moscow, the RMAA marketing agency creates for its clients a detailed and extensive understanding on how to increase sales, improve their marketing techniques and grow businesses and brands in Russia and the CIS. Not only do we create plans, we implement them as well. Through consulting, technology, design, and communication, we give our clients an innovative competitive advantage. Our success is based on a unique, detailed and scientific approach in each of the industries we serve.
RMAA Group
RMAA Group
The RMAA Group is a union of specialized marketing teams for different industries such as travel, gaming, beauty, and several others, and each is headed by an experienced leader from that particular industry.
Our industry-focused marketing teams
Each team, led by an experienced leader, helps companies from different industries succeed in the Russian and CIS regions.

We know the ropes of the Russian media market. We understand specifics of how to work with international agencies. We work with global brands and help them successfully introduce any products and services in the Russian market. We render full assistance to our foreign partners.

Among our partners, there are agencies from more than 10 countries and 3 continents.

Learn our cases, part of which has been implemented jointly with international advertising agencies.

We build effective communication between companies. We attract new clients and help you keep those that you already have. We help global business build corporate communications and sales in a consistent manner by means of PR, content marketing, event management, and other tools. We develop unique strategies for your business to achieve its goals.

The online games market is growing every year. A bigger market share is occupied by mobile games. We know the audience of online games and know how to work with it. We promote and bring games to the market, expand user audience or create it from scratch

Russians pay more and more attention to real estate beyond Russia. Nowadays, they are not only deep-pocketed people, but also ones with moderate means. We know wishes of the Russian audience and offer effective strategies to promote foreign projects in Russia. We find clients and investors for developer projects in European and Asian countries.

We help international companies and their products or services take their place in the Russian market. We deal with product promotion in social media, media, and offline. We will help you take a place on a shelf of major retailers and tell potential buyers about it.

We know everything about Russian tourists. We help build and implement strategies to attract them to different countries. We deal with promotion of travel destinations in traditional offline media, think over special projects in mass media, organize digital marketing, and do joint projects with tour aggregators

How to gain b2b and b2c audience's confidence in Russia?

We understand what is inside of Russia!


Do you know that Russians do not value cheap items? And the English word “bargain” cannot be translated properly into Russian, because the idea of a good or service of high quality which has a reasonable price is foreign to ordinary people. But a "freeloader" (“khalyava”) is a different story. The fact that upscale goods can be gotten for free does not make the goods seem to be any worse. This is one of the differences between Russian consumers and the consumers of other nationalities. The RMAA helps international businesses to communicate with Russian audiences as in the complex field of b2b and as well as in the mass markets.

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Fast Facts

Founded 2008

Founded 2008

RMAA was founded as a traditional advertising agency, and for more than 10 years we’ve become a group of industry-focused marketing teams and increased our service offerings to include marketing, advertising, consulting and strategy solutions.

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At RMAA, it’s all about the relationship with clients. We are doing a lot of great work together with travel, gaming, beauty, complex b2b and other industries. Check our clients list here.

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Cases 200

Cases 200+

We`ve accomplished more than 200 cases helping our clients to increase their businesses on the Russian market.

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Why RMAA Agency?


We are a team of talented individuals who love Russia and thoroughly understand Russia's insights. We truly understand what b2b and b2c companies need to do to win the favour of the Russian audience


Our clients choose us because working with a single team is easier than juggling multiple agencies


We are independent. Our management decisions are not influenced by the politics or requirements of a large holding network, so we avoid high overhead expenses and operate more economically. RMAA only answers to one authority: the client.


We are boutique marketing agency that work with limited number of clients with a unique approach because we believe that each client is special. We don`t strive to serve huge flow of clients.


We help brands navigate cultural and linguistic barriers to communicate their stories consistently to the Russian audience.

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