Celimax: Native Advertising on YouTube Drives Complete Sold Out in Russia

How to achieve maximum success from influencer marketing in the beauty segment

Celimax: Native Advertising on YouTube Drives Complete Sold Out in Russia

Influencer marketing campaign in the beauty market

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The cosmetics brand Celimax requested our help in promoting their products to the Russian-speaking audience. The time was never better, as the demand for Korean skincare is growing in Russia at the moment. That is why both the client and us were initially confident of success. And we were not wrong. The results exceeded all expectations. The campaign ended with a full "sold out!" on the brand's products in the popular cosmetic store chain Golden Apple. But we'll talk about that a little later.


The main goal of the campaign was to promote a specific line Celimax Noni. Besides, the advertising should "lead" users to the Wildberries marketplace or to the Golden Apple online store (note - some of the most popular services for shopping cosmetics and other goods in Russia) to make a purchase after viewing. And it was planned to achieve this result through integration with opinion leaders. The client didn't have any special preferences for bloggers and sites, so they fully entrusted this task to RMAA specialists.

Work Specifics

Celimax is a modern brand from South Korea that offers innovative, high quality cosmetic products. The brand has its own philosophy and values that underpin each beauty product.

The brand has a total of 5 product lines, but the client wanted to focus on the Celimax Noni category. That being said, the blogger needed to use a minimum of 4 of the brand's products to integrate, two of which belonged to a specific product line and the other two to be chosen on their own.

Add to these nuances the minimalistic design, philosophy and unusual ingredients of each brand product. As a result, the most successful advertising campaign required the format of a detailed cosmetics review with the most native presentation.

Therefore, Youtube turned out to be the most promising platform for the campaign, while other popular influencer services in Russia could limit advertising creatives by various parameters (note - the timing of Tik-Tok videos, the format of posts in Telegram, etc.).

Between August 10 and August 29, 2023, we managed to implement five collaborations with Youtube bloggers. What's more, it didn't take long to find influencers for the campaign, since we take a systematic approach to working with opinion leaders and constantly update our database of bloggers in various market segments and on different social platforms, including Youtube.


When searching for channels, we focused on current trends, opting for two popular blog formats:

  • unpacking of products from marketplaces, including cosmetic products;
  • beauty reviews from industry experts.

All the integrations turned out to be as native as possible, like "beauty routine", perfectly fitting into the lifestyle of the heroines of our advertising campaign. A bonus for the viewers of the channels was an additional 10% discount on Celimax products in the Golden Apple online store.

The first three videos were released on popular Influencer channels, the content of which was associated with unpacking various goods from marketplaces.

Blogger Masha Zoom made a video about a productive start of the day at 5AM, where she told her subscribers what beauty rituals she does in the morning including the process of skin cleansing with Celimax products.

MZ (1,37M subscribers)

Pic. 1

“Wow, Masha! Everything is so aesthetic. Thank you.”

Ksyusha Aisberg, known under the nickname Icceeeberg not only on Youtube, but also in Tik-Tok, Instagram* (note - the social network is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia), dedicated a video on her channel entirely to products from the Golden Apple store. The blogger shoots content in this format quite often and with different budgets. Therefore, a beauty review on Celimax products became the basis of the August content.

Icceeeberg (499К subscribers)

Pic. 2

“I love the unpacking from the Golden Apple! Thanks for the video”

Pic. 3

“I have the Celimax cleansing oil and it's just wow”

Pic. 4

“mood to order everything from Ksyusha's unpacking.”

Having agreed on a collaboration with Flexi, we focused on a young female audience. In our opinion, it is very timely, because August is considered a super commercial season for teenagers and students who are actively shopping before the start of the school year. Flexi's viewers (note - and the blogger herself) fall into this category.

Flexi (412К subscribers)

Pic. 5

“Ooo! Ksyusha is back to Moscow) The video is super as always) I love it”

Then, beauty experts joined the advertising campaign.

Makeup artist Marina Suya made a review of purchases in the Golden Apple store, telling and showing 5 Celimax products in use. The review turned out to be quite detailed (about 5 minutes), with separate shots where the blogger uses the brand's products.

Maria Suya (204K subscribers)

Pic. 6

“Lately it's been really annoying to see a lot of advertising from bloggers, that’s presented as being “not an advertising”. I love Marina for her sincerity, her commercials don't annoy me. Apparently because she speaks openly about it”

Pic. 7

“Bought this brand 5 months ago, the noni product line is really good”

In a similar style Celimax was presented by blogger Daria Krivda on her Youtube channel. The theme of the video was dedicated to perfect makeup without foundation, which is impossible without cleansing the skin. Therefore, Daria started her story with Celimax review. Besides, the girl emphasized that she had already had a chance to use the brand's products before the video was released and she was already running out of some products. In short, the idea of "empty bottles" only increased the degree of trust of the viewers.

Daria Krivda (146К subscribers)

Pic. 8

“I'm so glad to see the return of such content. It's a pleasure to watch, I want to buy all the cosmetics used in the video at once”

Pic. 9

“I also love it when makeup is not visible, natural, what I need is emphasised, what I don’t need is covered) it turned out very beautiful, thank you for sharing your favorite products, I will definitely have a look at them)”


The Celimax campaign was more than successful. Our KPIs were met, and in some places exceeded. This is why we started preparing a new offer for the client to promote in Russia on social platforms other than YouTube. But... it turned out that our cooperation was so successful. All of the brand's goods were sold out in one month, August 2023. The client was not ready for this and planned the nearest delivery of Celimax cosmetics to Russian Golden Apple stores by the end of fall. Therefore, our joint campaign had to be put on a temporary "stop". Of course, the customer was satisfied and promised to resume cooperation with us when the products are back in stock. The brand did not carry out any other advertising activities in Russia.

Total numbers

  • 645,000
  • 28,100
  • 1,175

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