Chatbot promotion in the Russian market

The points to pay attention to when launching a sophisticated product

Chatbot promotion in the Russian market

The points to pay attention to when launching a sophisticated product



Chatbot for Instagram from Tidio LLC.


To get maximum number of installations and coverage on the Russian market between September 15 and December 15 within the limited offer (one year of free use for all premium functions).


In the situation with Tidio, we started working in non-standard conditions: there were a product and a task, but there was no clue how the product works. All manuals were provided by the client only in English. Moreover, in fact, they didn't reveal the essence of the project as the product was new. Therefore, we began to work on the project with in-depth study of the product.

At the first stage, we studied the product itself and compiled a set of proposals for its adaptation for a Russian user. Since the Tidio chatbot is a new and sophisticated product, first of all it was important to tell the target audience about it. That's what we did by means of longreads published on behalf of marketing and promotion experts popular in Russia:

At the first stage, users had many questions about the process of integrating the chatbot to an Instagram account. Therefore, in the longreads, besides the chatbot advantages and disadvantages, we included a brief instruction on how to add it.

We collected all the most frequently asked questions from users and the answers to them and posted them in the FAQ section on the website.

In addition, we have compiled a complete guide on integrating an Instagram business account to the Tidio chatbot and designed it in a separate section "Instructions" on the website. This made possible to significantly reduce the number of incoming requests for help with integration and increased the number of conversions.

To get maximum coverage in a short time, we have launched an integrated advertising campaign in three directions:

  • contextual advertising on Google and Yandex,
  • targeting on Instagram and Facebook,
  • influencer marketing (Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Facebook) and advertising integration into public pages (Telegram, VKontakte).

According to the testing period results, we defined that the context gives a good result, unlike targeted advertising. Therefore, we eventually gave up on advertising on social networking services, as we did not see much return.

Over the period of ad placement, the following have been carried out:

  • 5 Youtube integrations,

  • 9 Instagram integrations (stories),
  • 33 posts have been published in relevant communities on Telegram (including with Varlamov and Maxim Katz),
  • 15 posts have been posted in relevant groups and communities on VKontakte.


For 3 months of the advertising campaign

  • more than 11 million users have been reached, exceeding the planned KPI by 232%,
  • received more than 44 thousand clicks,

we cannot announce the data on number of users created an account on tidio under NDA terms.

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