Promotion of TikTok via Instagram Bloggers

To drive app installs through influencers’ content.

Influencer Marketing Case Study -
Promotion of TikTok via Instagram Bloggers

How to drive app installs by creating unique content on Instagram



TikTok is a service that resembles Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine in functionality. It is designed for creating and viewing 15-second videos. Basically, videos are clips, sketches, or reactions to trends. It also allows users to launch live broadcasts. TikTok is often called the fastest growing social network of 2019.


Client wanted to promote an upcoming but very large social media app from Asia (TikTok). They were looking to drive app installs by creating really unique content on Instagram in a video (series of stories) by influencers.

The main goal was to drive app installs through influencers’ content on Instagram platform and increase brand awareness in Russia.


We offered the client to work on the Instagram platform with influencers and using only Story format for Tik Tok campaign. In Russia as in many other countries, Instagram is among the leaders of social networks. As for stories, they collect much more views than a regular post.

We focused on bloggers in the lifestyle category. We were looking for trend influencers that are very bright, open to their audience and provide stand-out content. We selected 8 lifestyle bloggers who communicate a lot with their audience, post stories, don’t hesitate to dance to the public and to look funny.

The content that the blogger had to place to advertise the Tik Tok brand: 3 videos of 15 seconds with funny, humorous and incendiary content. Mostly it was dancing to music and humorous scenes. However, the restrictions on content from Tik Tok were very serious as the brand is very careful to ensure that the content that is posted meets all social norms and principles.


As a result of the monthly advertising campaign, we reached about 430 thousand users, the stories collected more than 500 thousand impressions and 7,441 clicks.

The number of downloads of the application exceeded all client expectations. Unfortunately, in accordance with the NDA, we may not disclose any other details.

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