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RMAA Group’s Case Study For WKFS On The Russian Market, B2B marketing



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WKFS is a global company that provides information, software, and services. Its customers are legal, business, tax, accounting, finance, audit, risk, compliance, and healthcare professionals. The company is active in over 150 countries. Wolters Kluwer is recognized as one of the “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World” by Corporate Knights. WKFS is the team of professionals, who knows clears what they want to have in the end of cooperation and how to achieve it.

Client challenge

The leading global financial services firm, founded in 1836, with approximately more than 19,000 employees worldwide , found that it’s relevant to increase understanding of its services within the Russian financial community. As a result, an Event with an aim to have a number of delegates from TOP 10 Russian banks attend was planned , and WKFS requested that Active work on the project.

Why RMAA Group?

WKFS held competitive tenders for the selection of the advertising agency in Russia that could develop a special and individual strategy for Event in Moscow that bring new customers from Bank industry. The company was looking for the agency to manage the following:


  • Provide recommendations where, when, how, and at what time is good to run a briefing session for the Russian financial industry
  • Prepare invites in Russia , and advise on the distribution of these invites
  • Assist WKFS with an extended database for invitations
  • Undertake the full registration process, with timely feedback to WKFS
  • Undertake all logistics and interaction with the venue that will be used for event
  • Set up the event (including branding) and run the registration desk alongside WKFS Sales Team
  • Provide WKFS with the necessary data and Russian translation so that they can send out a follow-up email to all delegates with presentations etc., following the event
  • Feedback all delegate information to WKFS including email
  • Provide and stick to an allocated budget


As all other advertising and marketing companies, we received WKFS brief. It was our first experience of collaboration with such kind of leading global firm and we found that the total, unique and particular approach, such kind of RMAA Group team values as result orientation and effective communications served a purpose in making decision.


RMAA Group solutions


When the financing services firm engaged RMAA Group to help it plain and implement a solution, we developed a project schedule to deal all tasks in optimum way for WKFS.Our team of RMAA Group experts carefully conducted a realization process review and leverage all opportunities to make this Event the most attractive.



RMAA Group mentioned the main step of the organization :


1. Venue selection


After the deep analysis and according to our experience we settled on the Ritz Carlton Hotel, which is located in the vicinity to Red Square, in the heart of historical and business center of Moscow. It’s location is in the pedestrian availability to main business centers and government agencies. This Venue fits all our criteria for the Event.



2. Work with database provided by WKFS, its actualization and appending


During the actualization process our team faced one problem: Banks as a highly secured Institution were not really opened to provide private information about the risk managers, this was the reason why in the data were contacts with similar e-mails. To solve this problem we have decided to make an additional tele and e-mail marketing to get the missed contact data.



3. Translation of White Paper into Russian Language


The agency has done the following work to translate the White Paper.



4. Creating an invitation


The agency has done the following work to create an invitation: writing text of invitation and creating a layout of invitation and its approval with the customer (the layout for printing and layout for HTML mailing).



5. Sending an invitations to VIP guests


6. E-mail marketing with a purpose of invitation of bank risk managers to the Event


To realize the e-mail invitations RMAA Group has created an HTML letter and provided it to the client with the data of personal e-mails of more then 400 contacts. The e-mail marketing was realized on the client’s side via Eloqua system. Another 400 contacts were updated via additional tele and e-mail marketing and after the updating the contact data RMAA Group has sent e-mail invitations on its own.


7. Registration of Guests


The registration was realized on the website of WKFS. Also RMAA Group actively registered guests via e-mail and added the data of registered guests on the above link.


This registration would be more convenient if the Agency had an opportunity to upload a complete list of accredited guests, because some guests were registered both in the electronic registration and by e-mail, so the data was duplicating.



8. Invitation of guests


The Agency has implemented the search and coordination of call center for outgoing calls to update the database, as well as directly for the invitation. The invitation by phone was carried out four weeks before the event. The final Follow up was carried out for 3 days before the event. Reminder was realized one day before the event.



9. Event and Media coordination


Agency has invited several key journalists to the event as a bonus. At the event the staff of the Agency: prepared badges (purchase, print, layout ), met and reregistered guests, accepting the feedbacks and comments from the guests , organize the work of the photographer.





10. Post Event follow-up


Following the event, the Agency have forwarded the presentation, as well as provided a photo report to all the participants of the Conference and interested contacts.




Step-by-step plan



Main points of Event organization:



RMAA Group’s results:


  • After actualization of the data base, the client has chosen 250 VIP contacts which are supposed to be the priority contacts to send VIP invitations (printed invitation + printed White Paper “Reinforcing Market Confidence With Consistent Stress Testing”)
  • The White Paper in its Russian version was ready on time
  • The invitation was ready on time
  • People’s reaction was very good and most of them expressed their interest to attend the Event.
  • As a result the agency has arranged 2 more meetings with WK’s representatives and lots of people has expressed their interest to the information which was provided on the Event.


RMAA Group impact on WKFS business:


Positive feedback was received about the event. After the Event WKFS has more than 11 meeting requested.



Some feedback from WKFS representatives:


If anyone is looking for a Marketing Agency to help them in Russia, we recently organized an event in Moscow with the RMAA Group and would highly recommend them. Fantastic Job to RMAA Group team!


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Ksenia Kuznetsova is the Editor of the Blog about Successful Marketing Strategies in Russia. She has been working at RMAA Group as a Assistent of Client Service Director since 2015. Ksenia has experience in planning and carrying out of advertising campaigns for foreign companies in Russia.

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