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RMAA Group Case Study for LOTTE and its PEPERO GAME Promotion in Russia



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LOTTE Confectionery used Instagram and VK to raise the profile of PEPERO sticks in Russia, increase brand awareness and product sales.


Lotte Confectionery, the parent company of Lotte Group, opened its doors in 1967 and swiftly solidified its reputation as a leader of Korea’s food industry by implementing innovative product development, diversified marketing strategies, and advanced logistics system. LOTTE Marketing team is team of high-level professional with a clear vision of the markets.

Client challenge

The leading food industry firm found that it’s relevant to increase understanding of Korean culture among the Russian customers. As a result, it was planned to promote the product among core target group – expectedly aged between 13~25 in popular SNN of Russia. The purpose was not to expose the brand to the largest number of people possible, but to expose the brand to the ‘right’ target and let them enjoy the PEPERO experience.

To realize the plan it was decided to involve Russian celebrities, bloggers and organize a smart marketing in Popular Social Networks and hold a PEPERO Game competition.

Pepero Game is the game where two people take a stick of Pepero one person puts one end of Pepero in his/her mouth, and the other person puts the other end in his/her mouth bite and eat Pepero until it gets smaller and smaller & try to leave the smallest size of Pepero possible without breaking the ‘kiss’ compare your Pepero with another couple, and the couple with the smallest Pepero wins. In frame of our promotion the Grand Prize was iPhone 6s and 10 Silver Prizes were – full box of Pepero sticks (40 packs for each winner).

 Why RMAA Group?

LOTTE was looking for advertising agency in Russia that could develop a special and individual strategy for online marketing campaign that will be consistent with the decision of all tasks. The company was looking for the agency to provide a complex strategy of PEPERO Game promotion on the Russian market including:

• Support the client with Media selection;

• VK and Instagram account utilization;

• Collaboration with participants of online competition;

• Daily content work and reporting;

• Undertake the full competition realization process with a timely feedback to the client;

• Undertake the collaboration with Russian Celebrities and bloggers and controlling their activity in frame of our campaign;

• Set up the registration of participants;

• Daily advertising posts in popular communities of VK and Instagram;

• Work with comments of participants;

• Finalization of the completion and shipping of the prizes;

• Provide and stick to an allocated budget.

There was a long period of collaboration, we were oriented on a success and as a result RMAA Group has met all client’s expectations. Another benefit which we can’t keep is that RMAA Group has an official partner in Seoul who was supporting us during all process of project realization. 


 RMAA Group solutions


When LOTTE engaged RMAA Group to help it plain and implement a solution, we developed a project schedule to deal all tasks in optimum way for LOTTE.

RMAA Group experts carefully conducted a realization process.



 RMAA Group step-by-step plan


RMAA Group has created an account in Instagram and developed its unique design.

RMAA Group has developed content plan. In accordance with the plan we have posted 3-4 interesting contents:

- Terms of participation in Pepero Game competition

- Reposts of participant’s content as well as celebrities ad content

- Information about PEPERO products

- Call to action content

And many other interesting content. Here are some of the most popular videos:


RMAA Group has involved 4 bloggers and 1 famous actress to promote Pepero Game competition.

Anna Khilkevich and her husband created a video for our promotion. This video was watched by more than 2,3 million people



 Video of Galein Rover was watched by more than 173 K people

Video of Diana and her boyfriend was watched by more than 23 K people

Video of Elena Sheidlina and her boyfriend was watched by more than 67 K people

Advertising in popular communities allowed us to atract more audience and increase an amount of LOTTE’s followers on VK and Instagram.

During 3 weeks we have made 186 ad posts in relevant to our audience communities.

Here are some insights:

By the end of competition we had more than 5000 followers (both VK and Instagram), more than 200 participants and thousands of likes, views and comments. The winners were selected randomly. Russian audience was very fond of Pepero Game and impressed a big interest to Korean culture.

Results of the RMAA Group's campaign for LOTTE




Some feedback from LOTTE representatives:
Thanks for the good business performance. I look forward to be able to collaborate for the next campaign. Thank you.

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