How we promoted Indian branded coconut oil in Russia

To enter the Russian market and increase brand awareness

How we promoted Indian branded coconut oil in Russia

We told Russia about benefits of coconut oil

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Parachute is coconut oil, the flagship brand of Marico, Indian company, which is one of the leading Indian companies providing consumer products in the areas of Health and Beauty. Marico is currently present in 25 countries in the developing Asian and African markets, and it has got many brands in health care, skin care, edible oils, and wholesome food.


To enter the Russian market and increase brand awareness


To solve this task, we concentrated on social media.

Content marketing

We created and customized the brand’s accounts on Instagram and VK. We elaborated a content plan for the whole duration of the project. We divided all posts into four categories: information on the brand, interesting facts about coconut oil and its advantages, customer reviews, and useful tips.

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Examples of Parachute posts in social media

Targeted ads

In order to raise brand awareness and encourage people to buy Parachute products, we launched a targeted advertising campaign in social media.

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Examples of advertising posts on Instagram (left) and VK (right)

We were scrupulous about segmentation of advertising purposes to let posts be seen by interested people. We were targeting the purposes, being based on age and user behavior in social media, as well as geography, showing ads to people within a radius of two kilometers to large supermarkets.

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Targeting settings and segments


Within three months of work on the project, our client has got more than 1,300 subscribers on Instagram and 2,300 subscribers on VK. The total media outreach resulted in more than 1,500,000 potential buyers, to whom we showed the brand’s ads in social media.

Besides, we prepared a number of recommendations for our client to further promote Parachute in the Russian market.

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