How we received 10 apartment purchase bids in Bulgaria within one month

10 apartment purchase bids in one month.

How we received 10 apartment purchase bids in Bulgaria within one month

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We were supposed to promote street-view apartments in Bulgaria (some apartments were sea-side). Unfortunately, in accordance with the NDA, we may not disclose any details about the client, but we will gladly share details on how to implement a case for promotion of land estate in the Russian market.


10 apartment purchase bids in one month.


After we talked to the sales manager, we formed a USP for an advertising campaign:

  • Studio apartments, area: 40 sq. m. and more, price: 1,300,000 rubles and more;
  • European quality of materials;
  • Red line with a view of the sea;
  • Legal support of deals;
  • Transfer in Bulgaria and stay at the company’s expense.

Wait, is it possible to buy something like that in Moscow or Saint Petersburg even for 1.5 million? In Saint Petersburg, in the best case scenario, one will manage to find an 18 sq. m. studio in a leased house on the skirts of the city; for Moscow property, it looks more like an initial mortgage installment. Is everybody ok with that? No. There is an alternative in Bulgaria: a change to buy a sea-side apartment of 40 sq. m.

It was no picnic, especially taking into account that the deadlines were totally tight, there was no time to experiment, and the company’s website left much to be desired—it was not even optimized for mobile devices. That is why we took already well-tried advertising promotion tools for hot deals. By the way, we forgot to mention that that month (the promotion took place in June) the seller offered a 5% discount, which was not bad, given the fact that the price was more than attractive.

So, these are the channels that we used:

  • Landing page with an application form. It was decided to make a landing page on Tilda with a facility’s description, 3D pictures of apartments and infrastructure (thanks to the client’s good image database), and an order form within the shortest possible time.
  • Social media targeting. At the same time, we work through creatives to launch an advertising campaign in social media. 3 social media were chosen for targeting: VKontakte, Facebook, and Instagram. The main message of advertising posts sounded like, ‘Do you want an apartment at the seaside? Only in June you can buy an apartment just for 1,300,000 rubles in Bulgaria? Want to know more? Follow our link!’ Inhabitants of large cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg, aged 35-54, were chosen as the target audience.

    There were 137 bids received (out of them, 3 people went to look at an apartment in the same month, and 8 more booked reviews within the nearest 2 months).

  • Context ads. There were context ads in response to relevant queries ‘buy apartment in Bulgaria’ with a phrasal and accurate entry. Besides, we worked through queries, looking at competitors, and customized ads for Russians who, for instance, were looking for land estate in Cyprus. The key message was formed like ‘Learn why apartments in Bulgaria are better than ones in Cyprus’.

    There were 39 bids received (7 people booked apartment reviews within the nearest 2 months).

    KPI: fully achieved.

During the campaign, we daily monitored indicators of each advertising channel. We looked at what key messages worked better and what banners brought higher conversion, and this is where we redistributed a higher share of the advertising budget. Upon completion of the advertising campaign, we provided our client with a complete report containing source of traffic, bids, and cost of every bid in separate channels.


Having a rather small budget, we managed to meet KPI not least because we already had tried-and-tested strategies and tactics for promotion of hot deals, as well as for customization of campaigns for solvent audience.

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