How we presented the Philippines to Russian tourists

To present the Philippines to Russian tourists

How we presented the Philippines to Russian tourists

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The Department of Tourism (DOT) of the Philippines is a major public office that encourages, promotes, and develops tourism as the main social and economic activity aimed at attraction of foreign investments and creation of workplaces, as well as the spread of the tourism’s advantages for both the private and the public sectors. The client worked with RMAA Group via a communication agency that managed the project in a number of countries, including Russia.


To present the Philippines to Russian tourists


In 2017, an agency dealing with the Philippines’ tourist brand addressed us. The client wanted to increase the brand’s reach and attract a new flow of tourists from Russia to the Philippines.

We proposed to conduct a TV advertising campaign. For this, we made up a media plan, adapted content for Russia and chose TV channels as per similarity index, which suited our target audience most—RBC and Discovery Channel.

A shot from a video broadcast on TV


The correct choice of TV channels and broadcasting time let us show adverts to 90 million people with 50% reach.

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