Promoting of nutrition and exercise Mobile App in Russia

How to find brand ambassador in Russia

Promoting of nutrition and exercise Mobile App in Russia

How to find brand ambassador in Russia



Peater by Diet and Wellness LLC (nutrition and exercise mobile app developer).


The main task was to find an ambassador in the Russian market (on Instagram) to launch a joint application.


We suggested looking for Peater’s prospective partner across four key influencer categories as being best suited to the brief: fitness, nutrition/wellness, yoga/pilates, and sports.

Project staging and workflow:

  • Initial candidates selection (up to 70 candidates)
  • Preliminary negotiations with remaining candidates (up to 6)
  • Two video interviews with candidates

We explored the Russian influencer market for suitable candidates, screened them for potential partnership and conducted preliminary negotiations, including video interviews with client. The objective of this stage was to identify final candidates who best fit Peater’s requirements.

After Peater has selected the final candidate, we mitigated and coordinated the contract signing in order to secure favorable cooperation terms for both parties.


As a result, a contract was signed with the popular Russian actress and television presenter Julia Vysotskaya (about 1,3M followers on Instagram). At the end of November 2021 a new APP “Ем, бегу, живу” (Eng. “Eat, Run, Live”) by Yulia Vysotskaya, appeared in the Russian market.

It was a pure pleasure to work with RMAA from the very beginning because they were always specific and precise, without any double talk. I felt that I was properly taken care of in terms of information and communication. I would like to thank Valeria (auth. Valeria Boikova, Project Leader of RMAA) because she was a 'policewoman' of that process and helped with all the calls and everything - that was really a pleasure.

Maciek Mikołajczak
Maciek Mikołajczak
Board Member of Peater

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