Advertising and Marketing services in Kyrgyzstan

Advertising agency in Kyrgyzstan, Media Buying services in Bishkek

Russian communicative agency RMAA Group organizes an advertising campaign for foreign brands on the territory of CIS, adapts the original advertising and creates its own advertising materials oriented on local positioning in certain regions.

One of the most difficult regions for advertisement positioning is central Asia. For example, Republic of Kyrgyzstan is defined by experts as a country with a specific Asian mentality, deficient political stability and low purchasing power of citizens. But Kirghizia’s media is defined by them sufficiently independent, comparing to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Agency RMAA Group organized an effective system of connections with specialized media companies of Kirghizstan, orienting on formed structure of advertising market and its obvious horizons. Currently the leader of media space over here is still a television. Internet availability is limited by the capitol area (Bishkek city with its neighboring populating locality Chuya valley), Issyk Kul region and administrative centers of the country’s south (Osh and Jalal-Abad). That’s why internet advertisement can’t be defined to factors, which form a public opinion. But discernible after 2012 bright trend of active users amount increase caused to raise network’s advertising budgets.

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