Advertising and Marketing services in Georgia

Advertising agency in Georgia, Media Buying Services in Tbilisi

RMAA Group - Russian full service advertising agency offers effective advertising support of foreign brands, developing promising markets of the CIS countries. Well-established business processes of advertising on the territory of the union member countries allows us to guarantee high efficiency of national advertising campaigns that are carried out there.

For advertising placement in Georgia we recommend to focus on the most productive in the country segments of TV and Internet advertising. So far, television is a leader on the advertising market (TV advertising share is up to 75%), but our analysts have pointed out that the highest effect for advertising placement among target audience is when it’s placed in popular social networks in Georgia. In addition, it’s quite effective to place videos and nonstandard banners on the most popular national websites.

The good news is that monopolist has left Georgian television advertising market. Until 2014, TV advertising segment was controlled by pro-government company, that hold extremely high rates. Nowadays RMAA Group collaborates with leading advertising agencies and national TV companies and can offer a customer much more favorable cost for ad campaign due to traditional for Georgia so called unofficial discounts.

Of course, numerous varieties of outdoor advertising are the priorities of the profile capital market. We make all types of advertising placement in Tbilisi and other major cities, taking into account nation mentality, feature of national world perception. For example, a unique national sense of humor leaves its mark on almost all products designed for placement in Georgia.

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