Advertising and Marketing services in Moldova

Advertising agency in Moldova, Media Buying services in Chisinau

Russian communicative agency RMAA Group cooperates with foreign brands, which are interested in exiting on actively developing Post-Soviet market. We suggest our clients adaptation of improved its effectiveness advertising materials and creating a local advertising product for its following positioning on media space of CIS.

For small Moldavian market it is economically feasible to adaptive presented advertising products. Moldova is territorially and mentally cloth to Europe, that’s why for RMAA Group it is easy as pie to create an effective marketing strategies, which are commensurate with social-psychological specifics of certain target customers.

The most effective tools for Ad positioning on media space of Kishinev and Moldova generally suggest national TV and radio, Global Network and traditionally still proving its effectiveness objects of external advertising. During the adaptation of current advertisement audio- and video materials the agency keeps in mind the musicality of Moldavian language, providing during the translation of foreign tag lines or titles the beauty of speech and phrases phonation.

We also defer to physiology of Moldavian customer, which is more decent and continent in matters of understanding individual and civil liberty and owns more traditionally, comparing to European, outlook of family values.

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