Trade Fair & Event Communications in Russia

Trade Fair & Event Communications in Russia, Event Agency in Moscow, Russia

RMAA Group performs organization and accompaniment services in wide variation of marketing events in Russia such as conferences, concerts, exhibitions and shows. Your marketing strategy is well made, fine calculated and confident, but you still want to have something more? Do you want to attract attention to your brand, bring a new audience, find new allies in your professional sphere? Marketing events will help you.

Event is a tool that may help a brand to stay in memory of your target group. Capabilities of the events as a marketing tool are quite wide. These are various of events for journalists, general public or specially for professionals. Events for journalists are relevant in b2b segment. They will assist in understanding philosophy and desire of you brand and become a good informational reason. Exhibitions, public demonstrations or shows for general audience give a good way to introduce audience to brand in an entertaining playful form. Especially good profit may be result from events for professionals; generally these are presentations and conferences.

Such events are catchy for professionals – you may talk with colleagues, get some new information and relax. Exhibition activity also stays relevant nowadays. It can attract journalists, professionals or general public depending on its positioning.

RMAA Group specialists will sort out the most interesting ideas for activities intended to promote your brand. Contact us here.

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