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RMAA Group is independent Russian full service advertising agency. We provide our clients public relations services in Russia and CIS region. Today the public relations take a strong position in Russia and has a reputation as one of the most effective methods of sales promotion. The new wave of popularity of PR in Russia was connected with peak of an exit of the foreign companies on the Russian market. RMAA Group suggests high-quality services in creation of a positive image and image of the company on the Russian market. Reliable partner is very important for foreign company in creation of a positive image and image of the company in Russia. The geography of RMAA Group work on the Russian market stretches on all the territory of the country and includes such cities as: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Sochi, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and many other cities of Russia.

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Press conferences

Press conference is a classical form of communication with intermediaries, still actual in Russia nowadays. Besides, it gives a great opportunity to arrange a meeting for intermediaries and speakers. An intermediary has a chance to ask directly his points of interest, as well as to talk with speakers in an informal setting before and after the actual conference. The key factor of press conference attendance is no doubt a good news peg. Most intermediaries do not pay attention to the obvious promo press release, that is why be sure to give a social implication to the news peg or it may have some new and important information. A delicate shortlisting is of a great importance, too.

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Media relations

Building relations with mass media and intermediaries is an important part of a competitive marketing strategy. Collaboration with mass media gives you pretty broad options to promote a company or a brand. In perspective it will give you an opportunity to popularize any wanted point of view and allow an intermediary to take a look at some problem through your eyes. To use this tool in a proper way it is necessary to do some arrangements for making a pick up among mass media and intermediaries, with whom you are going to establish a contact. There is a huge variety of methods to establish a contact with mass media, in most cases these are connected with organization of some activity, e.g.: press conference, briefing, exhibition; or with organization of an intermediary admittance to some exclusive information by the means of interviews, roundtable discussions and promo mailout.

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Trade Fair & Event Communication

Trade Fair & Event Communication is a relatively new direction in Russian marketing, that is why it draws the interest from intermediaries and skilled specialists. There is a huge variety of methods of leveraging this tool in promo: events for intermediaries, private functions for specialists, occasions and exhibitions which are open for general audience. The types of activities may vary greatly – from conferences for pros to fancy-dress shows. Such activities are made to draw the interest to brand and get intermediaries, specialists and general audience loyalty. An average cost per one advertising exposure in such cases is relatively high, that is why these events are usually organized for promoting goods of a middle and high price tier.

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