Out of Home Advertising in Russia

Out of Home Advertising Agency in Russia

Out of home (OOH) advertising is a traditional reliable channel of communication, which has broad possibilities and a wide-range of applications. Today, there is a large variety of shapes and placements in outdoor advertising. OOH can solve the tasks of image building, promote highly specialized services, advertise products with a wide target audience - everything depends on your needs. RMAA Group skilled professionals will help you select the most effective options for placement of outdoor advertising for your marketing goals.

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Outdoor Advertising

Out of home advertising has a broad coverage, low cost per impressions and broad geographic targeting capabilities. OOH is characterized by unobtrusiveness, which increases its efficiency. OOH has also such property as the display frequency: being a long time in one place, an advertisement is read many times by many people. OOH today has a large number of categories: classic billboards, advertising panels on the walls of buildings, sign plates, roof installations, banners on and between the buildings. In addition, in many large cities of Russia there are digital billboards today. The variety of placement categories, broad coverage and unobtrusiveness make OOH an effective means of promotion for different purposes.

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Indoor Ads

Any public space is a good potential platform for promotion. The widest audience can be found in shopping malls, movie theaters, public catering establishments, airports and railway stations. Advertising in the FMCG segment will be more effective here. In specialized institutions, such as hospitals and universities, specialized advertising is often placed. Advertising in business centers is a great way to attract the attention of businesspeople. Thus, you can choose the ad platform fitting your target audience.

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Transit Ads

Today, any transport is used as the advertising media: buses, trolley buses, trams, metro, trains, planes and private cars. Out of home advertising on transport becomes harmonious element of the urban environment and does not irritate consumers, so it is well-accepted and enhances the reputation of your brand. Advertising on urban land transport has the widest audience because it involves not only passengers, but also all road users: drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. In Moscow and St. Petersburg advertising in the metro has a huge audience. With regard to the branding of aircraft and vehicles, it is usually image advertising intended to improve brand reputation.

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Advertising in airports

Airports as advertising space have variety of advantages. First, the airport works without breaks and weekends, 24/7/365. Secondly, people often spend a long time in the airport, which means they contact with the advertisement message repeatedly and continuously. Thirdly, airports provide a wide variety of advertising opportunities. Finally, we should not forget that air travelers are active members of the society with a high spending capacity. That is why media placement in the airports of Russia is a sure-fire way to get on the right side of the core audience. Top-5 Russian airports for media placement are located in Moscow (Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo), Saint Petersburg (Pulkovo), and Sochi.


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