Welcome to the official website of the RMAA Group - Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency

RMAA Group is an independent Russian full service advertising agency. Our aim is to help international brands entering the Russian market and assist them in finding Russian customers. Key clients of RMAA Group are from the USA, the Great Britain, Germany, China and South Korea.

RMAA Group strives to be the main advertising and marketing core of Russia and we are proud of what has been accomplished. Click here to find out Worldwide Clients` Network of RMAA Group.

There is a big difference between Russian and European, American or Asian marketing and advertising. RMAA Group helps to adapt international brand`s marketing strategies into Russian market. Our team understand needs and behaviour of Russian customers. Experience of our staff allows international companies to easily and intelligently promote their products on the Russian market.

Our core competencies include: advertising, branding, marketing strategy & media planning and buying, email marketing & eCRM, mobile and social media, direct marketing and design. We move foreign brands forward across all platforms from traditional, digital, mobile and social marketing. Our clients choose us because working with a single team is easier than juggling multiple agencies.

We work without the pressure of shareholders. Our management decisions are not influenced by the politics or requirements of a large holding network, so we avoid high overhead expenses and operate more economically. RMAA Group only answers to one authority: the client.

RMAA Group`s offices are located in three Russian cities: Moscow, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. It allows us to cooperate in the same time zones with European, American and Asian partners and have possibilities to meet each other. RMAA Group is orientated to work with companies in the Asian-Pacific region interested in Russian customers, but also the RMAA Group collaborates with European, American brands and International Advertising and Marketing Agencies.

A global vision of RMAA Group is to create a favorable economic environment allowing international companies to cooperate on the Russian market. Click here for general inquiries, comments or feedback.

Why RMAA Group?

Guided by our entrepreneurial spirit, since 2008 we have been helping international brands to conquer the Russian Market. With expertise across all digital, broadcast and media domains, RMAA Group succeeds by helping build our client's businesses, and brands in Russia. We are team of talented characters who understand and love Russia.


Clients Testimonials

Our collaboration with RMAA Group has allowed us to enter new territories and collect a lot of valuable intelligence on new marketing channels and attracting new audiences. The RMAA has been a greatly partner for our campaign and we look forward to working with them again.

If anyone is looking for a Marketing Agency to help them in Russia, we recently organized an event in Moscow with the RMAA Group and would highly recommend them. Fantastic Job to RMAA Group team!

I would recommend RMAA`s White Papers about B2B marketing to anyone currently doing marketing in Russia or thinking about entering the market. It provides very good details on the cultural nuances and channel effectiveness that are important to anyone marketing in Russia.

Since 2011 we have been working with RMAA Group. We tell other business owners in China, if you want advertising and marketing in Russia  that’s done right, and a truly dedicated team of professionals, you need to work with RMAA Group.